Different Languages and Multiple Translations

Bible versions in over 20 different languages to suit all people.

Multi-text Comparison

Allows simultaneous comparison of multiple translations of the Bible, making reference and comparison of Scripture convenient.

Offline Bible Access (Limited Versions Available)

By downloading only once the version of the Bible you need, you can use it offline whenever you want.

Bookmarks, Notes and Highlights

Select a verse on the Bible page to add a bookmark or highlight, and use the notes function to record at any time what you have gained in studying the Scriptures.

Customize Fonts, Spacing and Background Color Preferences

User-friendly reading settings allow for the most satisfying reading experience.

Scripture Navigation

Provides convenient and flexible methods for navigating the Scriptures to help you more quickly locate the passages of the Bible you need.

Share With a Single Tap

Select any verses and easily share them with friends and family.

Bible Verse of the Day displays handpicked scripture verses from both the Old and New Testaments along with unadulterated interpretations to help you understand the real meaning within the scripture.

By reading God’s words you will attend the wedding feast of the Lamb and enjoy being watered and sustained by the water of life.

Delving into the Bible contains Bible Prophecy, Second Coming of Jesus, Salvation and Full Salvation, Kingdom of God, Eternal Life and so on, unlocking the truths and mysteries in the Bible and setting you on the path to being raptured to the kingdom of heaven.

A variety of carefully chosen testimonials from Christians on real-life experiences such as Return to God, Spiritual Warfare, God’s Protection, and Persecution Testimonies can help you understand God’s will and find a path of practice in all sorts of situations.

A Wonderful Selection of Christian Films Works

Here you can find hymn videos, gospel films, and all sorts of videos on Christians’ lives of faith, giving you a greater understanding of God’s work and opening more truths and mysteries to you.

Lovely Images for You to Enjoy

All sorts of beautiful images are available for you to download and share free!

Everything Here Is Completely Free With No Ads

You can enjoy all the features at no cost. This app allows you to read the Scriptures hassle-free.

Easy to Use and Always With You

Wherever you are, you can start your spiritual journey at the touch of a button in your spare time.

Design Free Custom Images Online Using Your Favorite Scriptures

Select from a variety of beautiful backdrops

Easy to edit with a simple design interface, adding your favorite scripture verses

Easily share them with family and friends

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App Reviews

This app very helpful to learned and study the truth and how to practice it properly nowadays. this is my greatest helpful app to my spiritual life and living material world. thank God for this made app.

Thank God for this apps. Very helpful and can change our lifes.

I could use this app to make cards and have daily devotional!

I really enjoy the way to read the Bible in this app because it’s all- screen and I can emphasize the verses I like it’s practical and useful 😃

This app is dope, it brings me closer to God now more than ever, I do recommend this app to every Christian especially ones lost in the radar

Praise Lord. This app is great , without Advertising. This is really works for believers. And the app has many functions. It's helpful and easy.

Excellent APP . My friend introduced it to me,and I like it so much

Thanks be to Almighty God work lighting people in this world, I'm doing my best to seek and obey GOD work of judgement and chastisement which supplies true life to US, wisdom comes from GOD, Amen Amen

Very good easy to use helpful. A part from provides us reading the Bible in a lot of languages this app gives us Christians testimonies songs wallpapers spiritual quotes. .....Wao. It's not just a Bible it's an app which keeps all helpful things peoples need to grow in faith. I love it. please try and understand what I want to say :).

I'm glad to find a bible app I can use without internet connection. And it's easy to find the verse I want.