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Sunday, June 24, 2018 – Matthew 4:4

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, ... more

Bible Prophecy

Why Jesus Becomes Flesh as the Son of Man When He Returns?

Now, the last days have already come. We are all yearning for the return of the Lord. How on earth will the Lord Jesus appear and work?

Does Anyone Know About the Second Coming of Jesus?

The Lord Jesus said: “But of that day and hour knows no man….”. But does it mean no one knows about the second coming of Jesus?

What Attitude Do We Hold Toward Prophecies of Jesus’ Return?

We can’t measure Jesus’s return by the literal meaning of biblical prophecies, or we will easily resist the Lord as the Pharisees did.

What Do Overcomers of Bible Prophecy Refer to?

What do the 144,000 overcomers stated in the Bible prophecy refer to? Shall we be overcomers as long as we keep the Lord’s name and work hard for Him?

Hot Debate on the Mystery of Descending of the Son of Man

What does the descending of the Son of man in the Bible refer to? In which way will the Lord descend when He comes again?

How to Know “the Coming of the Son of Man” in Bible Prophecy?

These verses of the Lord’s return all refer to “the coming of the Son of man”. How should we know “the coming of the Son of man”and welcome the Lord’s return?


Last Bus

Inspiration on the Last Bus: Spread the Gospel Despite Difficulties

Suffering setbacks in gospel-spreading, she was weak at first. But after being inspired by the acts of the driver of the last bus, she was full of strength to preach the gospel again. What on earth did she understand?

4 Principles of Your Practice Can Be After God’s Heart in Disease

How do Christians act in accordance with God’s heart when facing all kinds of diseases? It’s crucial to grasp 4 principles.


The Growth of Her Faith After She First Came to America


Grasp 4 Ways of Practice to Be Honest

The Secret of Living in Harmony With Dirty Roommates

It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person

Christian Testimony: It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person

Tea Leaves Prepared by God Actually Have so Marvelous Effects

Tea Leaves Prepared by God Actually Have so Marvelous Effects

God has bestowed special effects on all things. In this article, the author found that tea leaves have many marvelous effects apart from being drunk. Let’s seek the answer in the article together.


Enjoy the Rain and Thanks Be to God

The rain fulfills the mission God bestows to nourish all things and brings benefit to mankind. Thanks be to God for letting us enjoy the rain.


Know the Love of God and Your Life Will Be the Happiest

the Lord Jesus rebuked the Pharisees

Do You Know Jesus Christ’s Righteous Disposition?


Why Can America Get God’s Blessings?

Plants That Can Heal the Sick

God Has a Plan for Man: Plants That Can Heal the Sick

The Fleas in the Tumbler

“The Fleas in the Tumbler” Provokes Thoughts About Belief in God

In the story, the fleas are bound by their habits. Similarly, Christians have been accustomed to being bound by all kinds of rituals and rules. All this makes us easily define the work of God.


How to Know God’s Good Will in Setbacks

Why does God always make us suffer setbacks? Let’s know God’s good will in it.


Know God’s Authority From All Things Created by God


Live Out Wonderful Life That Belongs to Me


Put Aside Old Conceptions and Gain God’s Salvation


Find Your Places in Life, Realize Your Value

Before God

On Quieting Your Heart Before God

Quieting your heart before God is one of the most crucial steps for entering into God’s words, and is a lesson that all people presently have an urgent need to enter.

Spiritual Life

Regarding a Normal Spiritual Life

God says, “A believer must have a normal spiritual life—this is the foundation for experiencing God’s words and entering into reality.“


Believers in God Should Prepare for Their Destination With Sufficient Good Deeds

relationship with God is important

In Believing in God, You Should Establish a Normal Relationship With God

Church Life and Real Life,belief in God

Discussing Church Life and Real Life

Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God

Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God

Christian Testimonies