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Can All the Believers in God Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

I saw the Lord Jesus said in the Bible in Matthew 7:22-23, I puzzled: Not all the believers in God can enter t...

Shall We Be A Little Child to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

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Peter, “Do You Love Me”? Why Did Jesus Ask Peter Three Times?


Do You Know Gamaliel’s Merits and Shortcomings?

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How to Enter the Narrow Gate to Gain Eternal Life?

It is written in the Bible that only those believers who enter the narrow gate can gain eternal life. Then, how to enter the narrow gate?

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Finding the Way to Be Free From Sin – A Christian’s Hope

I had believed in God for many years. I still couldn’t be free from sin no matter how I tried to subdue my heart, but after reading these words, I found the way...

Welcoming Jesus’ Coming – A Preacher’s Spiritual Course

I’m Attending the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

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Spiritual Warfare: The Experience of Overcoming the Temptation of Satan

After she understood all the trials were Satan’s temptations, she overcame Satan and bore her testimonies to God in the spiritual warfare.

The Salvation of God’s Love – The Journey of a Lonely Soul’s Returning Home

God’s Words Lead Me to Break Out of the Enclosure

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Miracles! My Son’s Severe Disease Was Cured

“Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.” Who can control our own destiny? When my son had a severe disease, I saw God's grace...

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It Is God Who Has Saved Me – The Testimony of A Breast Cancer Patient


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Did They Hear the Voice of God?

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Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death

Follow God Along the Rough Path (Movie Version)

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Pure Love Without Blemish

A River of Water of Life


The Prophecy in Revelation 12 Is Fulfilled!


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