How Should We Treat the Prophecy?

Are There Any Errors in the Bible?

Bible Question – All About “Whether the Bible Is Inspired By God” Debate

Are God’s Words and Work All in the Bible? – Belief in God

Is the Bible All God-breathed? (II)

Is the Bible All God-breathed? (I)

Is the saying tenable that a believer in God can never depart from the Bible and whatever departs from the Bible is false and is a heresy?

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day, Speaking of Thanksgiving

Do you know the Thanksgiving Day? Can we give thanks to God only this day when we get a lot of happiness? What...

the last supper

Why Jesus Establish Holy Communion?

read the Bible

The Meaning of “the Resurrection of the Dead” – Bible Study


Bible Study – God’s Will Behind the Parable of the Vineyard

read the Bible

The Meaning of “the Resurrection of the Dead” – Bible Study

Bible study: What is the true meaning of “the Resurrection of the Dead”? Does it really mean that man comes out of the tomb to become a living person?

Pray to God

The Mystery of the Names of God

Jehovah and Jesus are all God's names, what're the meaning of the names of God? What's God's name when Lord returns?

God’s Words Solved My Puzzle – What is the Trinity?

I Am Really Raptured – End Times

spiritual warfare

Spiritual Warfare: The Experience of Overcoming the Temptation of Satan

After she understood all the trials were Satan’s temptations, she overcame Satan and bore her testimonies to God in the spiritual warfare.

The Salvation of God’s Love – The Journey of a Lonely Soul’s Returning Home

God’s Words Lead Me to Break Out of the Enclosure

god help me

Christian Persecution – What Happened Overnight

Liulian It was grey that night. The unlighted room looked as if it were painted black. Su Ke and Sister Li were packing in alarm the books of God’s words of the arrested brothers a...

Persecution Testimonies – My Youth in Prison

Pledging My Life to Devotion


Why Jesus Establish Holy Communion?


The Gospel Received Through a Bible Study Class


A Miraculous Deliverance in the Runaway Sliding-Tub


A True Story of Two College Graduates


Seven Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming


After ten years, my hope has finally come true!


worship in the church

Did They Hear the Voice of God?

Bible Questions – Are Pastors and Elders Established by God?

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

How Much of God’s Creating All Things Do We Really Know?

How Come Those Giving up on Food for Fear of Choking Welcome the Lord’s Second Coming?

Offer Love to God

Song of Sweet Love

Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death

Follow God Along the Rough Path (Movie Version)

God’s Realness and Loveliness

The Work of God Continues to Advance

Pure Love Without Blemish

A River of Water of Life


The Prophecy in Revelation 12 Is Fulfilled!


Kuala Lumpur school fire kills 23 students and teachers


Reflections on Frequent Extreme Weather in Mainland China


Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded Kills 14 People; Warnings of the Last Days Escalate


Review About Chronicles Of Religious Persecution In China


The videos of the Church of Almighty God got favorable reviews in the Christian Online Film Festival in US

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