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Saturday, May 26, 2018 – Matthew 13:29

But he said, No; lest while you gather up the tares, you root up also the wh... more

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Why Jesus Becomes Flesh as the Son of Man When He Returns?

Now, the last days have already come. We are all yearning for the return of the Lord. How on earth will the Lord Jesus appear and work?

Does Anyone Know About the Second Coming of Jesus?

The Lord Jesus said: “But of that day and hour knows no man….”. But does it mean no one knows about the second coming of Jesus?

What Attitude Do We Hold Toward Prophecies of Jesus’ Return?

We can’t measure Jesus’s return by the literal meaning of biblical prophecies, or we will easily resist the Lord as the Pharisees did.

What Do Overcomers of Bible Prophecy Refer to?

What do the 144,000 overcomers stated in the Bible prophecy refer to? Shall we be overcomers as long as we keep the Lord’s name and work hard for Him?

Hot Debate on the Mystery of Descending of the Son of Man

What does the descending of the Son of man in the Bible refer to? In which way will the Lord descend when He comes again?

How to Know “the Coming of the Son of Man” in Bible Prophecy?

These verses of the Lord’s return all refer to “the coming of the Son of man”. How should we know “the coming of the Son of man”and welcome the Lord’s return?


It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person

Christian Testimony: It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person

Because of suspicion, it’s hard to hit it off with others and we are in pain. God’s words show us the way to practice: Only by being honest can we gain happiness.

Accompanied by God’s Love in Studying Abroad

Accompanied by God’s Love in Studying Abroad

She came to Australia to study. Faced with many difficulties, she relied on God and saw His wondrous arrangements. Let’s see how she testified of God’s love.

A Happy Life Starts From Knowing God’s Sovereignty


Difficulties Are God’s Blessings


Follow These Three Points, God Will Be With You


How to Balance Between Busy Work and Faith?


God Listens to Reasonable Prayer

How to reasonably pray so that God will listen? This article will show you the answer.

prays to God

How to Pray to Gain God’s Praise? The 4 Point Are the Key

Prayer is an indispensable part of Christian life. How to pray to gain God’s praise? Hopefully the 4 elements listed in this article are helpful to you.

gain grace

To Believe in God Is Not Just to Gain Grace

how to pray

Three Reasons Why the Lord Doesn’t Hear Us

she prays to God

The Secret of Effectual Prayer For Healing

pray to God

Is There a Secret To Prayer? – Spiritual Growth


Knowing God’s Creation—Harmony Under the Tree

God created a stable and peaceful home for mankind. Let’s know God’s creation—Harmony Under the Tree.


God’s Love—Scented Tea

Various kinds of scented tea have various health functions for people. But do you know God’s love behind the flowers and plants?


God’s Love: A Miraculous Medicinal Plant


Do You Know Which Came First, Chicken or Egg?

four season

The Creator’s Wonderful Deeds Hidden in the Four Seasons

educating child

The Inspiration for Teaching Kids From God’s Words

Christian Testimonies