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Bible Prophecy

6 Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming of Christ

The Signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ have appeared. What does this tell us? Read this article to learn more.

What Is the Meaning of “a Great Sound of a Trumpet” in the Bible?

Many believers in the Lord believe that we will be raptured when a trumpet sounds. Is this view correct? So, what does “a great sound of a trumpet” refer to?

How to Handle Bible Prophecy So as Not to Miss the Lord’s Return

If we handle Bible prophecy according to its literal meaning, we’ll easily miss the Lord’s return. Read this article to find out how to approach the Bible prophecy correctly.

Explore From 4 Aspects True Meaning of the Coming of the Son of Man

This article will deeply explore from four aspects the true meaning of the coming of the Son of man, which is counter to our conceptions.

Does Anyone Know About the Second Coming of Jesus?

The Lord Jesus said: “But of that day and hour knows no man….”. But does it mean no one knows about the second coming of Jesus?

What Attitude Do We Hold Toward Prophecies of Jesus’ Return?

We can’t measure Jesus’s return by the literal meaning of biblical prophecies, or we will easily resist the Lord as the Pharisees did.

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Spiritual Life

Regularly attend Christian meetings

It’s Vitally Important for Christians to Regularly Attend Meetings

What are the importance and the meaning of us Christians regularly attending meetings? This article will tell you the answer.

The Importance of Christians Attending Meetings

I Understood the Importance of Christians Attending Meetings After an Accident

Xingwu, a Christian, was so busy with work and unable to attend meetings regularly. Later, an accident awakened him to the great importance of Christians attending meetings. So what did he experience?

Christ church, cross

What Is the True Christianity?

Church under the setting sun

Clearing Up Confusion—Why Are There Different Christian Denominations?

christians fellowshiping knowledge of God’s words at meeting

Breaking Through the Bondage of Vanity, I No Longer Felt Constrained When Fellowshiping at Meetings

Winter and church

Why Do So Many Denominations Appear? Can We Be Saved as a Member of One of These Denominations?

The True Story Behind the Work of the Age of Redemption

The True Story Behind the Work of the Age of Redemption

My entire management plan, the six-thousand-year management plan, consists of three stages, or three ages: the Age of Law of[…]

Promises to Those Who Have Been Perfected

Promises to Those Who Have Been Perfected

What is the path through which God perfects man? What aspects does it include? Are you willing to be perfected[…]

How to Enter Into a Normal State

How to Enter Into a Normal State

Spiritual Life

A Normal Spiritual Life Leads People Onto the Right Track

Faith in God,Obey God

In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God

Jesus’s return

The Savior Has Already Returned Upon a “White Cloud”

Jews follow the Pharisees to convict the Lord Jesus

Reflection Story: In Treating the Lord’s Return, We Cannot Blindly Follow Others

In the last days, how should we treat the Lord’s return so that we will not miss the chance to welcome Him? This reflection story will inspire you.

Serving God Wholeheartedly

What Is Serving God Wholeheartedly? | Moral Story

The story of a boy asking his mother for rewards provoked my thoughts: What is the difference between wholehearted service of God and transactional service?

how to pray

Notions Keep You From Welcoming Jesus’ Return

How Much Does God Still “Owe” You?


Inspirational Stories – Learn From The Shot in the Kaibab Forest

sovereignty of God

How Should We Treat the Things God Has Made in Accordance With God’s Will?

How to Truly Pray to God

Church Life: How to Truly Pray to God

For Christians, what is the significance of praying to God? Do you know how to truly pray to God in line with His will? This article will tell you the answers.

Wrong way to pray

How to Avoid Praying in the Wrong Way

Do you know the wrong ways to pray? How can we avoid praying in the wrong way? This article will show you the solution.

How to pray to God correctly to be heard by him

How to Pray to God Correctly to Be Heard by Him

What does “Pray Without Ceasing” mean?

What Does “Pray Without Ceasing” Mean? What Is the Significance of It?

How to pray to God correctly, Jesus Pray

How to Pray Correctly? Three Biblical Stories Tell You the Answer

A woman in yellow clothes is praying

Why Is Prayer Necessary? What Kind of Prayers Conform to the Lord’s Will?

Are You Aware of the Biggest Deviation From Investigating the True Way?

Are You Aware of the Biggest Deviation From Investigating the True Way?

What is the biggest deviation one can make when investigating the true way? How should one go about properly investigating the true way? Read to learn more.

God’s Warnings to Us

Disasters Are Upon Us—God’s Warnings to Us

All kinds of disasters strike one by one. This is God’s warning to us. How can we understand God’s will and gain His protection amidst disasters?

What Does Reverence for God Mean

How to Have Reverence for God: 3 Essential Paths of Practice

How to become closer to God

3 Ways on How to Become Closer to God

Build a Relationship With God

4 Useful Steps to Build a Strong Relationship With God

Why God allowed bad things to happen?

Why God allowed Bad Things to Happen

Christian Testimonies