Have You Accepted the Good News Through the Air?

Can We Truly Be Saved by Believing in God in the Heart and Confessing Him With the Mouth?

A Testimony of Return to God

Knowing Jesus – Why Did the Lord Jesus Not Keep the Sabbath?

God’s Names-Do You Know the Origin of Name “Jehovah”?

The Bible says, “If we willfully keep on sinning…, there remains no more sacrifice for sins.” How can man break free from the bondage of sin?

How to discern orthodoxy and cults?

“Eastern Lightning” Is the Return of the Lord Jesus

Is Eastern Lightning the Return of the Lord Jesus?

We all know that the Lord Jesus had promised His disciples before He left: Surely I come quickly. Over thousan

How Should We Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus?

Eastern Lightning

Eastern Lightning | Where does the “Eastern Lightning” come from?

The Church of Almighty God

The Alarm of the Last Days Has Struck

Why are the “Eastern Lightning” opposed and condemned by the religious world?

Why can the “Eastern Lightning” spread all over Mainland China despite bitter opposition?

Why does the “Eastern Lightning” spread so fast and unstoppably despite being guarded against by all people?

I Found the True Light

I Found the True Light – second coming of Jesus

Qiuhe     Japan I was born in a Catholic family. Since I was little, I attended Mass at church with my grandparents. Due to the influence of my environment and my belief in God, I learned to chant many different scriptures and practice various rituals. In 20

Disclose the Mystery of the God-man Theory

If a Man Can Live Out God’s Image, Will He Be Able to Become God?

Disclosure of the Theory “Two Spirits Mingling”

The Producing of Overcomers

The Difference Between God’s Work and Man’s Work

Differentiate the Way of Repentance From That of Eternal Life

Difference Between the Words in Accord With the Truth and the Truth Itself

The Effect Achieved by God’s Work

the CCP persecution

Realization Before the Spring Festival’s Eve

Zhou Ying On the morning of the twenty-ninth day of the twelfth lunar month in 2005, snowflakes were fluttering down. After having breakfast, Zhou Ying, with a heavy heart, went o

Wise Virgins Should Not Believe the Rumors

Enlightenment Gained From “Two Baskets of Flowers”

A Testimony of Return to God

God Incarnate Is Forever God in Whatever Family He Was Born

christian persecution in China

The CCP—the Maker of Lies and the Source of Evil (I)

Over three years have passed after the world-shocking “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Incidence.” But the CCP government, which is well known for being deceitful, evil, malicious, and a...

The CCP—the Maker of Lies and the Source of Evil (II)

Seamy Inside of How Chinese Communist Party Manipulates the Media to Commit Evil

China’s McDonald’s Murder Was Plotted by the Communist Party

My Youth in prison

Persecution Testimonies – My Youth in Prison

My Youth in Prison Chenxi    Hebei Province People all say that one’s youth is the most wonderful and pure time in his life. Maybe many people’s youth is full of beautiful memori

Pledging My Life to Devotion

Tribulation Inspired My Love for God

Rising Up Through Dark Oppression


I See God’s Wonderful Deeds When I Rely on Him


The Path to Entering Into the Kingdom of Heaven


Enlightenment Gained From “Two Baskets of Flowers”


What Should We Do to Be Free From the Fear of Death?


What Warnings Do the Disasters Give Us?


God Answer Prayers! Amazing Inspirational Story


The Years When I Rushed About for the Sake of My Daughter


Who Has Reconciled Me With My Mother-in-Law?


God’s Creating All Things

How Much of God’s Creating All Things Do We Really Know?

How Come Those Giving up on Food for Fear of Choking Welcome the Lord’s Second Coming?

Can We Truly Be Saved by Believing in God in the Heart and Confessing Him With the Mouth?

Believing In God And Following God To the End, Can We Be Saved?

Do Man’s External Changes in Behavior Mean Disposition Changes?

The words of Almighty God contain judgment, chastisement, and disclosure, and they are indeed with majesty and wrath. But aren’t they lacking in mercy and lovingkindness?

In the past, I have resisted and condemned the work of Almighty God so much and have even said words of blasphemy. Will God still save me?

Offer Love to God

Song of Sweet Love

Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death

Follow God Along the Rough Path (Movie Version)

God’s Realness and Loveliness

The Work of God Continues to Advance

Pure Love Without Blemish

A River of Water of Life

Do You Wish to Know the Root of Why the Pharisees Opposed Jesus?

The Significance of Prayer


London Fire

London Fire: Twelve People Confirmed Dead

Terror Attacks in London

Where Is Our Refuge From the Widespread Terror Attacks?

haze,Environmental pollution

Focus on Environmental Pollution, Focus on Mankind’s Future

Sri Lanka Flood

Who Can Help Us Mankind Truly?

Sri Lanka Floods

Sri Lanka Floods and Mudslides Continue: Warnings Sounded by the Worsening Catastrophe

Disasters Egypt

What Warnings Do the Disasters Give Us?

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