Return to God

Be Cleansed of Sin
I Have Found the Way to Be Cleansed of Sin
I had believed in God for many years. I still couldn’t be free from sin no matter how I tried to subdue my heart, but after reading these words, I found the way......
seek and investigate
Voice of God - Unexpected Gain on Facebook
She heard the voice of God, but afraid to be deceived by false Christs. When she hold a heart of humble seeking on the Facebook, she welcomed the returned Lord....
three Christian fellowships
Searching for the Footprints of God
Without the work of the Holy Spirit, the religious world has fallen into desolation, so we should search for the footprints of God. ...

Spiritual Warfare

It Is Satan’s Deceitful Schemes That Prevent Me From Regularly Attending Gatherings
How I Overcame Satan’s Disturbance
How She Quit Her 23-Year Addiction to Playing Video Games
Negative Publicity Nearly Causes Me to Stray From True Way

Christians at Work & School

Students are writing homework
A Student’s Testimony: How I Stopped Being Jealous of My Schoolmate Who Is Superior to Me
Girl talking phone near college
Wonderful Testimony: God Helped Me Pass My Exams
How Did She Find a Suitable Job Abroad Without Work Experience?
How Did She Find a Suitable Job Abroad Without Work Experience?
God Gave Me a Dream Job
God Gave Me a Dream Job When I Relied on Him

God’s Protection

Green snake on the tree
God’s Protection: How She Miraculously Recovered After a Snakebite
God is in control: Cheerful doctor told the patient to recover
God Is in Control: A Cerebral Infarction Is Miraculously Cured
Kidnapped, tied hands with rope
God’s Protection Saved Me From Danger When I Was Kidnapped by a Ruffian
Sudden Myocardial Infarction
God Saves Me From Dying of a Sudden Myocardial Infarction

Inspiration for Life

I Stop Being a Slave to Money and Live Happily
For the Sake of Health, Please Take a Good Rest
Money Can’t Save My Life, But God Can
Satan’s Trick Behind Chasing Money
Enlightenment of King Alexander’s Last Words-What is the Meaning of Life?
What Is True Happiness?

Persecution Testimonies

a girl sitting on the rock
God Is There and I Am Not Afraid of Being Monitored
Breaking Through Families’ Obstruction and Following God Unwaveringly
letter to mother
A Letter to My Mother: God’s Words Lead Me to Grow up After You Left Home for Avoiding the CCP’s Arrest
repay God‘s love.
Why She - a Post-90s - Is Homeless and Hiding Everywhere