Understanding Is the Cornerstone of a Happy Marriage (2)

Understanding Is the Cornerstone of a Happy Marriage

God Guides Me to Cast Off Arrogance, I Relate Well to Manager

Being deeply afflicted by the arrogant disposition, I couldn’t relate well to my manager. However, God has changed me and I can relate well to my manager now.

Christian’s Marriage: God Give Me An “Imperfect” Husband

It’s God who leads me to live out normal humanity, put aside my mistaken views of seeking perfection and find the way to get along well with my husband.

Son Is No Longer Addicted to Online Games

After a profound talk, my son is no longer addicted to online games.


Eternal Life

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The incarnation is the greatest mystery in the Bible and is that God Himself incarnated into the Son of man. Relevant articles in this section will explain the mystery of the incarnation for you.

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A Female Gambler’s Testimony: How to Quit Gambling

She once gambled to the extent that she often ignored affairs at home. She didn’t quit gambling even her child got sick and her husband often quarrelled with her for that. But later, she completely quit gambling and her husband trusted her to take care of his salary. How did she change?

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She Finds Why She Stray From God for Busy Work

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A Money-grubber’s Reflection on Life After an Earthquake

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For the Sake of Health, Please Take a Good Rest


Correct Life Direction Frees Me From Fame and Gain

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