woman feels no anxiety or worries

Entrusting All to God, I Easily Got Rid of the Pressure of Finding a Job After Graduation

Triple Experiences of Overcoming Temptation of Satan

When she suffered from a headache and her son’s illness, and losing money, it was God’s words that guided her to see through Satan’s schemes time and again, and overcome the temptation of Satan.

I Was Once Kidnapped in My Seventh Month of Pregnancy…

Anyone will be put in a bind with some trepidation when he is robbed at knifepoint. In her seventh month of pregnancy, how did she escape danger?

Christian Persecution – What Happened Overnight

Liulian It was grey that night. The unlighted room looked as if it were painted black. Su Ke and Sister[…]


Second Coming of Jesus

Second Coming of Jesus section provides content about the mystery of second coming of Jesus, signs of the last days, rapture, and more, helping you further know the truth about second coming of Jesus and welcome the Lord soon.

The Incarnation

The incarnation is the greatest mystery in the Bible and is that God Himself incarnated into the Son of man. Relevant articles in this section will explain the mystery of the incarnation for you.

Salvation and Full Salvation

What is salvation? What’s the relationship between salvation and full salvation? Select articles in this section will reveal the mysteries of salvation and full salvation.

Knowing Jesus

Select articles in Knowing Jesus section help you better know who is Jesus Christ and the true intentions behind Jesus’ teachings so that you will grow closer to Jesus.

Marriage & Family

Christian at Work & School

How she quit playing video games

How She Quit Her 23-Year Addiction to Playing Video Games

She was addicted to online gaming for 23 years and for playing games she neglected her studies. How did she quit her addiction to online games? Let’s read this article to learn about it.

Male worker standing in the workshop

I Found the Way to Deal With Lazy Coworkers in God’s Words

Girl talking phone near college

Wonderful Testimony: God Helped Me Pass My Exams

Hairdresser perm for customers

A Hairdresser’s Testimony: Honesty at the Workplace Is More Important Than Money

Students are writing homework

A Student’s Testimony: How I Stopped Being Jealous of My Schoolmate Who Is Superior to Me

Inspiration for Life

Young woman holding flowers

How Did She Overcome Low Self-esteem as a Short Height Woman?

She always felt inferior because of being discriminated against by others for her short stature. How did she regain confidence? Read this article to learn her experience.

Modern man using laptop in urban environment

I Stop Being a Slave to Money and Live Happily

woman smells the fragrance of flowers

A Christian’s Perception: Secret to Living a Happy Life Lies in Obeying God’s Rule

a woman is reading the book and feeling free

Only Living by God’s Word Can Allow Us to Gain True Freedom

the milky way

The Mystery of Celestial Bodies Orbiting Precisely

Return to God

Negative man sitting on a chair

How a Kenyan Christian Dealt With Sin

He once couldn’t stop sinning, and thus living in sin. When he visited some websites to look for spiritual resources, he accidentally found some content, which allowed him to know the source of sin and how to deal with sin.

Reading the Bible and hands

An Indonesian Christian’s Experience: How to Overcome Sin

Woman in purple blouse is reading

I Understand the Mystery of God’s Gender and I Welcome the Return of the Lord

A brother is reading the Word of God

The Mysteries of Different Names of God Are Revealed

Facebook web browser

I Understood the Relationship Between the Bible and God Through Watching Films and Welcomed the Lord’s Return

God’s Protection

Parenting & Education

People drinks in a club

Contemplation of the Young Wasting Youth

Today, many young people are wasting their youth, drinking, going to KTV, going clubbing, and more. As a result, they are getting more and more downcast. It turns out that this is caused by Satan’s evil trends in the world.

Harmonious relationship between mother and son

Guided by God’s Words, I Become Good Friends With Gaming Addicted Son

a child playing video game

Changing My Attitude to Break Son’s Bad Habit

holding a paper airplane

Dad, Don’t Worry Me! I Won’t Play Online Games Anymore

mother and daughter

God Has Changed Me and Cured Daughter’s Depression

Persecution Testimonies

a girl looking up cherry tree

Who Has Wrenched My Mom From Home for 10 Years and Made Me Lose Warm Family?

From my childhood, I believed in God with my mom. I had grown happily under the watering of God’s words, but all of this was interrupted due to the CCP’s persecution of Christians …

a girl sitting on the rock

God Is There and I Am Not Afraid of Being Monitored

Breaking Through Families’ Obstruction and Following God Unwaveringly

letter to mother

A Letter to My Mother: God’s Words Lead Me to Grow up After You Left Home for Avoiding the CCP’s Arrest

repay God‘s love.

Why She – a Post-90s – Is Homeless and Hiding Everywhere

Spiritual Warfare