Breaking Through Families’ Obstruction and Following God Unwaveringly

By Manman, Hong Kong

I am sixty years old and used to have a harmonious family. My sons were obedient and filial to me, my husband was devoted and responsible, and I kept my family in line—such a life seemed to have been impeccable. However, I didn’t know why I felt empty in my heart frequently, and for what purpose man should live his life.

I felt empty in my heart frequently

In March 2017, a fellow villager preached the kingdom gospel of Almighty God to me. Since then, I read God’s words every day and often fellowshiped about the truth and worshiped God with brothers. My heart was full with a sense of good fortune. In the midst of three months of meetings, I read a lot of God’s words and I learned that God rules over the fate of all mankind and that the reason people live in emptiness is because there is no place for God in their heart. At the same time, I also found the meaning and value of life, and understood that as a creation, man should believe in God and worship God. I thanked God for selecting me, letting me find the real direction of life and helping me bid farewell to my previous empty life.

As if having found a priceless treasure, I wanted my family to come before God and accept His salvation. Therefore, I preached the gospel to my elder son with the brothers and sisters. On that day, as the brothers and sisters shared God’s love and teachings to mankind with him, he listened with deep interest. He also shared his gains with us and expressed his willingness to continue to investigate the work of God. When I saw my son was willing to investigate God’s work, I was extremely happy in my heart.

Unexpectedly, the next day, my son took several pages of negative propaganda copied from the Internet about The Church of Almighty God and said to me fiercely: “This is propaganda about your church. Take a good look at it!” After saying this, he entered his room. Faced with my son’s sudden change in his attitude, I knew that he had believed the rumors online. However, I was clear in my heart that these negative reports were the atheistic CCP slandering and condemning The Church of Almighty God, all of which are untrue. Moreover, through these several months of attending meetings and fellowshiping the truth expressed by Almighty God with brothers and sisters, I had long ago ascertained that Almighty God is the unique, true God who rules and provides us with everything. I thought to myself that no matter what my family says, I would firmly follow God.

One day, for the sake of obstructing me from attending meetings, my eldest son called the sister who had preached the gospel to me and verbally abused her. When I saw my son, who had always been sensible, suddenly become like this, I was at a loss. What’s more, that sister must have felt humiliated. I felt extremely guilty as well as a little weak in my heart. I prayed to God: “O God! Now I feel weak. I don’t know why my previously obedient eldest son has suddenly become like this. It seems as if he has become a different person overnight. O God! I don’t know what I should do. May You guide me….” After the prayer, I thought of God’s words: “You should know that all things in the environment around you are there by My permission, I arrange it all. See clearly and satisfy My heart in the environment I have given to you. Do not fear, Almighty God of hosts will surely be with you; He has your back and He is your shield.” “Have no scruples, don’t be disheartened or weak. Directly fellowship more with Me in your spirit, wait patiently and I will surely reveal to you according to My time. … When you are constantly getting close to Me in this way, regardless of your surroundings or what occasion you are at, you will not become muddled no matter who or what you encounter, and you will have a way forward.” God’s words gave me faith and strength. Although I didn’t know what God’s will was, I knew this situation that I had encountered was permitted by God. Moreover, God is always with me and is my rear guard and my reliance. As long as I rely on God to march forward, I believe that God would surely lead me.

Afterward, while my family went to work, I went out for meetings with a few sisters. Seeing them, I felt a warmth in my heart and told them about the situation that I had encountered recently. After they heard about it, they read two passage of God’s words to me: “In every step of work that God does within people, externally it appears to be interactions between people, as if born of human arrangements, or from human interference. But behind the scenes, every step of work, and everything that happens, is a wager made by Satan before God, and requires people to stand firm in their testimony to God. Take when Job was tried, for example: Behind the scenes, Satan was making a bet with God, and what happened to Job was the deeds of men, and the interference of men. Behind every step that God does in you is Satan’s wager with God—behind it all is a battle. … When God and Satan do battle in the spiritual realm, how should you satisfy God, and how should you stand firm in your testimony to Him? You should know that everything that happens to you is a great trial and the time when God needs you to bear testimony.” “You must be awake and waiting at every moment, and you must pray more before Me. You must recognize the various plots and cunning schemes of Satan, know the spirit, know people and be able to discern all kinds of people, matters and things…. When the church enters its construction phase, a battle of the saints against Satan[a] ensues. Satan’s various hideous features are set before you; do you stop and backslide, or do you stand up and walk onward, relying on Me? Thoroughly expose Satan’s corrupt and ugly features, spare no feelings and show no mercy! Fight Satan to the death! I am your backup and you must have the spirit of the male child!


A sister fellowshiped: “Auntie, today we encounter these situations; from the outside, it seems that your son oppose your belief in God with other members of your family due to the negative propaganda. But, behind the scenes, it’s a spiritual battle taking place and is one of Satan’s tricks. As we all know, God’s work is to save man while what Satan does is to corrupt man. Satan uses various ways to entice us to stray away from God and make us live in suffering, so as to achieve its purpose of harming and devouring man. Since God began to manage mankind, Satan has always trailed along behind God and done everything it could to snatch the people God intends to save. Thus, when it sees us turn to God, it is unwilling to be defeated. So it strives to hinder, disturb and attack us through our family. Its aim is to use them to oppose us and force us to give up believing in God so that we will return again under its domain and continue to be afflicted and trampled by it, thus losing God’s salvation. This is the treacherous intention of Satan. However, God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes. God permits these situations to come upon us and there is God’s good purpose in them. God uses Satan’s temptations to teach us how to rely on and look up to God so as to test our faith in God. Just as when Job was tempted by Satan so that he lost all of his property and his body became covered with sores, his wife came out and played the role of Satan to attack Job and said to him: ‘Do you still retain your integrity? curse God, and die’ (Job 2:9). However, Job replied to her: ‘You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?’ (Job 2:10). These words of Job show that his faith in and fear of God were true and able to withstand the test of the situation. Within Job’s heart, no matter what situations, trials and suffering he encountered, he would never betray God. It was Job’s practical living out that finally put Satan to shame and made Job bear a beautiful and resounding testimony for God before the people of the world as well as Satan. Originally, Satan wanted to use temptation to destroy Job’s will and make him stop believing in God. However, Job didn’t fall for Satan’s scheme to stray from God. On the contrary, through this opportunity, Job’s faith in and fear of God was strengthened and he became a person approved by God. Similarly, today, God also wants to gain us through such situations. Therefore, when facing this spiritual battle, we must see through Satan’s tricks. The more Satan attacks us, the more we should maintain our faith in God and stand witness for Him to shame Satan and satisfy God’s will.”

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