6 Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

6 Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming of Christ

Bible Warnings of the Last Days—Seeking God’s Will

What does the Bible say about the disasters in the last days? What warnings do disasters bring us? Here we select these Bible verses to help you understand God’s will.

Bible Verses About Signs of the End Times

What are the signs of the end times prophesied in the Bible? What warnings do these signs give us? Read these Bible verses to learn more.

Matthew 25:1–13 Commentary: How Should the Wise Virgins Welcome the Lord?

This Matthew 25:1–13 commentary tells us that there is a key point for the wise virgins to welcome the Lord. Have you ignored it?

The Meaning of Matthew 24:27

Bible Verse of the Day

The Lord Jesus said, "For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

- Matthew 24:27

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Second Coming of Jesus

Second Coming of Jesus section provides content about the mystery of second coming of Jesus, signs of the last days, rapture, and more, helping you further know the truth about second coming of Jesus and welcome the Lord soon.

The Incarnation

The incarnation is the greatest mystery in the Bible and is that God Himself incarnated into the Son of man. Relevant articles in this section will explain the mystery of the incarnation for you.

Salvation and Full Salvation

What is salvation? What’s the relationship between salvation and full salvation? Select articles in this section will reveal the mysteries of salvation and full salvation.

Knowing Jesus

Select articles in Knowing Jesus section help you better know who is Jesus Christ and the true intentions behind Jesus’ teachings so that you will grow closer to Jesus.

Church Life

Christian Life Church page will tell you how to have church life, gain the work of the Holy Spirit and discern false churches.