Satan’s Trick Behind Chasing Money

One day, I went to my elder sister’s house to visit her. I saw her sitting in the wheelchair, her eyes dull. My brother-in-law cooked the meal and laid the table. Then he pushed my sister’s wheelchair to the table and put the spoon in her hand. She tried to use it with her trembling hand, but failed, and it dropped onto the table. My sister had no choice but to eat with her hands which still kept shaking. Having difficulty in eating, she made her mouth oily and the oil flowed from the corner of her mouth to the front part of her clothes. Seeing her embarrassment, my eyes were moistened. I couldn’t bear to see that anymore, so I left her house in a hurry. On the boulevard back home, the sky was so blue, but I was in no mood to enjoy it. The wind was blowing on me, and it brought me back to the past …

In my childhood, my sister told me, “I only love money. Whenever I see others count money, I feel an itch in my heart. When I grow up, I must live a rich life. Only if I have money can I enjoy a luxurious life.” After getting married, she said to me once again, “Only when I am rich will I be happy and be thought highly of by my relatives and friends. Money isn’t everything, but without it we can do nothing.” That year, my sister went to Russia to do clothing business, and she stayed there for 19 years. In the bitterly cold winter when the temperature was more than 40 degrees below zero, my sister still stood before her stall selling clothes, with her hands and feet numb with the cold. But when she put money into her purse, she was very pleased in her heart. She said, “On counting a handful of money, I feel very happy. My hands are made to count money.” Thus more than ten years passed, and my sister earned several million yuan by selling clothes in Russia. Every day she was busy counting money just like a currency detector. And as long as she counted money, she would burst with joy in her heart, and smiled from ear to ear.

Chasing Money

My sister has three sons. She bought them cars and houses and helped them get married one after another. But who would have thought that, after their marriage, two of them started gambling: The second son spent full days in the casino in Russia; the little son was gambling online. When out of money, they lied to my sister, saying that they had lost money in business. At last, they mortgaged their cars and houses to the creditors, and the several million yuan that my sister earned through more than ten years was consumed by them.

Nevertheless, my sister refused to resign herself to living such a life without money. So when she came back to China, she found and seized a new business opportunity—running a supermarket, and then every day she was busy from dawn to dusk. When seeing her old face, I said pityingly, “Sister, in order to earn money, how much have you been suffering all these years? Millions you had earned through years of toiling was totally consumed by your two worthless sons and you have nothing now. But why are you still working like mad? The Bible says, ‘And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil’ (1 Timothy 6:8). We can’t strain ourselves for the sake of making money!” Yet my sister said with disapproval, “Everything can be lost but money. I just can’t live without money.” And then she continued struggling to make money. Until one day, she suddenly collapsed in her supermarket and was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis. The doctor said that in the rest of her life, she would have difficulty walking and trouble speaking.

Nowadays, there are many people who are like my sister. They do almost anything to make more money, just as the popular saying of the day goes, “One exchanges life for money when young, then exchanges money for life when old.” How many people struggle to make money but only get the following consequences of exchanging their life for money: Before some of them can make much money, they lose their life; after some of them earn untold wealth, they lose their health…. In order to make more money, peasants try every possible way and keep themselves working all year round; overworking gets many of them to suffer lumbar muscle strain and proliferation at an early age. In order to make more money, workers often work overtime, and even stay up all night; overtaxing themselves for a long time gradually leads to nervous breakdown and some other diseases, and the cases of their early and sudden death are also common in the media. In order to earn more money, merchants pay great price for their business: Some of them even get gastrorrhagia due to often drinking alcohol in social events, and some are so busy with their career that they often have irregular meals; at last, many of them fall into the grip of disease, of which stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, and so on, have become familiar.

I couldn’t help but sigh deeply: Why do people of all trades and professions suffer any hardship to earn money, even regardless of their health, just like my sister? What on earth makes people struggle for money so desperately?

Later, I saw the words of God say, “‘Money makes the world go round’ is the philosophy of Satan and it prevails among the whole of mankind, among every human society. You could say that it is a trend because it has been instilled into the heart of every single person and is now affixed in their heart. Something is revealed through the human disposition of the people in this world, including each and every one of you. How is this interpreted? It’s the worship of money. Is it hard to get this out of someone’s heart? It is very hard! It seems that Satan’s corruption of man is thorough indeed! So after Satan uses this trend to corrupt people, how is it manifested in them? Don’t you feel that you couldn’t survive in this world without any money, that even one day would just be impossible? People’s status is based on how much money they have as is their respectability. The backs of the poor are bent in shame, while the rich enjoy their high status. They stand tall and proud, speaking loudly and living arrogantly. What does this saying and trend bring to people? Don’t many people see getting money as being worth any cost?

Pondering over God’s words, I understood: Satan uses all these thoughts and perspectives, such as “Money is first,” “Money isn’t everything, but without it, one can do nothing,” and so on, to deceive and corrupt man, letting them believe that having money is having everything and that if rich, they can enjoy better pleasure. So man makes every effort to pursue money without regard for anything else. Being totally drawn by their desire for money, they are unable to get back, incapable of thinking whether their pursuit is right or not, and never once halt their steps of pursuing money. In today’s society, many people work themselves to the bone to make money; as a result, they get many kinds of disease, and some even lose their life. This is because under Satan’s domain, and controlled and manipulated by the desire for money, man unceasingly pursues money, and then becomes a slave and victim of it. Take my sister for example. Being completely controlled by money all her life, she thought that only if she had money could she live happily. So as long as she could get money she was willing to suffer, and only when she put money into her purse would she be content. She also thought that her hands were made to count money, so she prized money more than life. However, in the end she got nothing but illness. Only now does she see clearly that no matter how much money she has, it cannot buy back her health and life. Now she can only spend the rest of her life sighing for herself in the wheelchair, alone and sadly.

Then how should we live a life of value, meaning and happiness? I thought of the Lord Jesus’ words, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). The Bible says, “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:8).

God’s words say, “No matter how well you eat, how nice your house is, how good your clothes are, how comfortable your life is, or how many of your desires have been fulfilled, this is all empty. Would you say that the happiness pursued by unbelievers is true happiness? Actually, it isn’t. It is what people imagine happiness to be, and it is a depraved method, a path that makes people depraved. People’s pursuit of this is not the objective that normal humanity ought to have, it is not the value in living.” “That nothing brings greater comfort to their hearts, and there is no greater thing in life, than following God, walking the path of pursuing the truth, and expending for and devoting one’s life to God; that nothing brings greater happiness than gaining God and gaining the truth, nothing makes people’s hearts more steadfast.

These words of God let me know: In one’s life, it is emptiness to blindly pursue money, material things and the enjoyment of the flesh. This is a depraved lifestyle, which only results in our loss of health and life after being fooled and harmed by Satan. What value and meaning does living like this have! We should seek to submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangements, and be content with having clothing and food; only by doing like this can we gain peace and happiness. Only if we come before God to pursue truth, to accept God’s salvation, and to live according to God’s words can our heart get real peace and joy, can we live a life of meaning, value, and happiness!

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