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Change the World | Official Trailer “Chinese Choir Episode 13”

The Chinese Choir Episode 13 of the Church of Almighty God comprises various performances like Peking Opera, rock, Haozi, Latin dance, and animation. It vividly presents the journey where man, though corrupted and deceived by Satan, receives God’s salvation and returns to Him after rejecting Satan.

In the old world ruled by Satan, man is corrupt and depraved, struggling painfully in sin. Worse than that, God’s chosen people are suffering from suppression and slaughter. The human world is like hell, utterly dark and extremely miserable. Just when Satan, the great red dragon, commits evil in a rampant way and resists God to the utmost, the lightning flashes forth from the East: Almighty God, Christ of the last days, comes to earth personally. He brings the true light, wrath, and judgment. In God’s majestic judgment, Satan is revealed in its true form and reduced to ashes by God’s wrath. Taking God’s word as the sharp sword, God’s chosen people are no longer controlled or manipulated by Satan and finally defeat it. They ultimately regain the sanctity they once possessed and return to God’s throne, singing and dancing with joy to celebrate the complete accomplishment of God’s work!

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