Undergoing Judgment and Tribulations to Become an Overcomer-“Song of Victory” (7)

The Church of Almighty God’s brothers and sisters endure the severe obstruction and persecution from the Chinese Communist Party and the religious world. Why do they continue to refuse to surrender, continuing to preach the gospel and testify for God? […]

Are God’s Words All in the Bible?-“God’s Name Has Changed?!” (1)

Are God’s words all in the Bible? Is there God’s word outside the Bible? The film clip will lead you to explore this question. Recommended: The Wise Virgins Can Recognize God’s God

Is Being Saved Equal to Being Purified?-“God’s Name Has Changed?!” (4)

Since man has been saved by their faith in the name of Jesus, then why must God do the work of judgment to purify and save man in the last days? This film clip will tell you the answer. Recommended: Hearing […]

The End of Those Who Oppose the Lord’s Return-Waiting (4)

How can he see the Lord appear yet still refuse to accept the Lord’s second coming? How can he be always waiting and watching for the Lord to come, but at the time of his death leave behind a lifetime […]

Wise Virgins Can Distinguish the True Christ From False Ones-Waiting (2)

Faced with the second coming of the Lord, will you be too scared of false Christs that you’ll close the door to protect yourself and wait for the Lord’s revelation, or will you act like the wise virgin, and heed […]

How Should We Watch and Wait for the Lord’s Return?-Waiting (1)

When the Lord comes again, will He descend with the clouds, or will He come as secretly as a thief? How will you face the second coming of the Lord? Will you be too afraid of being misled by a […]

A Desolate Church Is Revitalized 01-The Bible and God (1)

After the brothers and sisters at the meeting place of Elder Liu Zhizhong’s church cast aside the shackles of the Bible, they read online about the work of Almighty God in the last days. By reading the words of Almighty […]

Are God’s Words and Work All in the Bible?

The entire religious world all believes that the work and words of God are all in the Bible, and that with the exception of the Bible, there are no words spoken by God and His work. Therefore, so long as […]

All About “The Bible Is Inspired by God” Debate-The Bible and God (3)

For two thousand years, the religious world has relied on what Paul the apostle said about the Bible being inspired by God and always believed that “the Bible is God’s words,” and “the Bible represents the Lord.” Are these ideas […]

What Is the Relationship Between God and the Bible?-Gospel Movie clip “The Bible and God” (4)

For two thousand years, the religious world has believed in the Lord according to the Bible, and so many of them believe “the Bible represents the Lord, believing in God is believing in the Bible, believing in the Bible is […]