Science Brought Me Despair, God Gave Me a New Life

Science cannot cure my disease, so I relied on God in despair, then I saw His almightiness. But after I recovered, I left God and again coveted the comforts of the flesh. Later, I relapsed and God saved me from death again.


Unforgettable Night Between Life and Death

Yutong’s daughter was dying because of a sudden serious illness. She was anxious and in great sadness but could do nothing. It was God’s words that led her to go through the unforgettable night between life and death.


God Answered My Prayer When Death Drew Near

My head was hit by a brick, and my legs were pinned firmly under a 3-meter-long precast slab. Soon a reversing truck was about to run over me. In this life-or-death situation, I prayed to God …