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English Christian Movie "Deadly Ignorance" | Who Should We Listen to in Welcoming the Lord's Return?

41,356 May 28, 2018

Zheng Muen is a co-worker at a Chinese Christian church in the United States. He has believed in the Lord for many years, and has worked for the Lord with unwavering enthusiasm. One day, his aunt witnessed to him that the Lord Jesus has returned and expressed the truth, and that He is performing the judgment and cleansing work of the last days. Hearing this news, Zheng Muen was very excited. Through reading Almighty God's words and watching the movies and videos of The Church of Almighty God, Zheng Muen confirmed from his heart that the words of Almighty God are the truth, and that Almighty God is quite possibly the second coming of Lord Jesus. Therefore, he and several brothers and sisters began investigating God's work of the last days. Unexpectedly, when Pastor Ma of his church learned this, he tried to disrupt and hinder Zheng Muen over and over. In order to make Zheng Muen give up examining the true way, Pastor Ma let him watch videos that the Chinese Communist government used to discredit and condemn Eastern Lightning. Zheng Muen was puzzled and couldn't understand why religious pastors and elders condemn Almighty God when it's clear that Almighty God's words are the truth and the voice of God, and why they not only do not seek and investigate the true way themselves but block other believers from accepting it. Why is this? … Afraid of being deceived and taking the wrong path, and at the same time afraid of missing the opportunity to be raptured at the Lord's return, Zheng Muen felt conflicted and confused. Just at that time, Pastor Ma sent him some negative propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party and the religious world. After reading it, Zheng Muen became doubtful. He believed the pastor's words and gave up investigating the true way. Later on, the witnesses of The Church of Almighty God fellowshiped about the truth with him, which allowed Zheng Muen to understand that the fundamental principle of investigating the true way is to see whether it possesses the truth and whether what is expressed is the voice of God. Only the appearance and work of Christ can express many truths, because no corrupt humans can express the truth. This is a manifold fact. If one does not pay attention to hearing the voice of God and only rely on their imagination to wait for the Lord Jesus to descend on a cloud, they will never be able to welcome God's appearance. Zheng Muen finally understood the mystery of the wise virgins hearing the voice of God that the Lord Jesus spoke of. He no longer believed the lies and fallacies of the Chinese Communist government and the religious world, and broke away from the control and bondage of the religious pastor. Zheng Muen deeply felt that it's not simple to investigate the true way, and that if one cannot discern things and does not seek the truth, they will never hear the voice of God or be brought before God's throne, and they will only die ensnared in Satan's net, which will fulfill these words in the Bible: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6), and “Fools die for want of wisdom” (Pro 10:21).

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