Documentary Review: The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Showing You the Authority and Power by Which God Rules All Things

By Si Fan, South Korea

The long-awaited twentieth musical documentary was eventually shown. With excitement, I saw it twice at a stretch and my horizons were truly expanded. The documentary uses the perfect combination of the facts and shots to express the authority and power by which God rules all things, which shakes my heart deeply.

At the beginning of the documentary, it shows viewers the dark blue space and the vast universe, in which every celestial body and every galaxy are orbiting systematically and regularly. Suddenly there comes a majestic spectacle of a collision between two celestial bodies, which brings viewers a strong shock. A set of shots of montage full of lens language shows a breathtaking universe world to viewers. Then there appears a hand that supports the whole universe in the scene, which conveys an aroma of mystery. From that, I felt there seemed to be a pair of hands that rule over and manage all things, and moreover a Mighty One who has established laws and principles of all things in the universe.

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Scene
A Pair of Hands That Rule Over and Manage All Things/ from “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything”

The following shot, within the span of a few minutes, shows the course of man’s life: an ignorant juvenile phase, a vigorous youth, a weather-beaten middle age and a gloomy old age. Man’s life passes quickly like this, from ancient times to the present, from one generation to the next. Then the less than two minutes’ shot shows the life cycles of humans. The elegiac and sostenuto harmony and the slow and low tune bring a sense of sorrow to me. I have already been used to such a rule for survival, and I never thought about the questions in the lyrics: “Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate?” Each of these questions hits my heart, which allows me to have to stop in my track, and reflect on what course the life of us humans will follow. Let’s recall that since we were born in this world, we have been educated with the thought “Man’s fate is controlled by his own hands,” thereby only knowing to run a race with time and struggle with the fate. So day after day, year after year, with our nerve tautening at any time, we never dare to slack off and only want to be masters of our fates. After experiencing countless failures and setbacks, the youngster who always cried out “never admitting defeat” has become weather-beaten, only feeling hopeless. I cannot help but ask: “Why can’t our mankind’s efforts be exchanged for a good fate?”

Then the documentary shows such scenes: The earth is moving and the mountains are shaking; the hurricane is hitting; the tsunami is coming…. Facing these disasters, everyone’s face is full of barely-concealed terror and panic. There is no place where they can hide. The screams mingle with cries, which makes everyone feel the catastrophe major and horrible. Then, the catastrophe leaves a trail of destruction—debris, corpses everywhere and cries filling the air. The air is pervaded by the breath of death. That is unbearably harsh. In the face of the catastrophe, we humans feel ourselves insignificant and helpless. In our brief encounter with death, we humans have no choice but to sigh: No matter whether we’re people having high position with matched salary or common people, it’s hard for us to escape suffering disasters; even if we have enormous wealth and high status, these things can’t save our lives. Seeing this, I seemed to find the answer: As it turns out, man’s fate is in God’s hands and man can’t master his own fate at all. A disaster thoroughly reveals man’s insignificance and helplessness. Now the only thing we should do is seek the meaning and value of life and find the Creator who holds sovereignty over the fate of us.

Watching this, I wondered: I’ve seen many disaster films, such as The Day After Tomorrow, Aftershock and The Tower. These films only show man’s funk and helplessness thoroughly and vividly, making viewers have an immersed sense, but leaving viewers more helplessness besides a sound of sobbing. However, from this documentary, not only did I see man’s indecision and helplessness in the face of disasters, I also found the answer to how to exempt us mankind from suffering.

In the documentary, when the Bible is opened, a word, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” comes into my eyes, and reveals the answer to the above questions. The shot being accompanied by the music and sonorous voice tells viewers the origin of all things, and lets viewers see the miraculous deeds of God’s creation of all things. These mysteries, which have been sealed for a long time, are unveiled by God’s words with authority. God’s words say: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13). The words symbolize the unique identity and position of God and reflect God’s authority and ability above all things. Listening to the magnificent music and watching the imagines, I finally found the root.

Then the shot shows man’s joy for good harvests—plentiful crops, fruits and vegetables. Hearing the song “He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day…,” I knew the harvests are due to the Creator’s nourishment and supply. And I thanked the Creator for His grace for us in my heart.

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Scene 2
from “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything”

After that, the shot shifts to all nature, for instance, various kinds of animals frolicking upon grasslands, all kinds of fish swimming in the sea, and all sorts of birds flying in the sky. They are a beautiful sight in the natural world, and requisite animals who keep the ecological balance, as well as our man’s eternal friends. They add to nature’s boundless vitality and activity. The scene of playing the piano and guzheng looms, and the impassioned allegro tune motivated me to highly praise the Creator for His miraculous creation.

The aside tells viewers the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of the British Empire driving the development of mankind and the rise of the United States and its mission. All of these show forth God’s authority and rule. From the facts, we see: The fate of every country or nation is all in God’s hands; even more the fate of all mankind is in His hands. The fates of humankind and the universe are inextricable from the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangement. In the ordination of God’s words, every country or nation lives according to God’s arrangement. No one can change anything destined by God. Just as God’s words say, “I mean what I say, and what I mean shall be accomplished, and what I accomplish shall last forever.” This is God’s sovereignty and arrangement.

In the end, the documentary shows a gratifying scene where all people are streaming to the holy mountain, and all nations and all peoples prostrate and kneel before God. From this, we can see God’s management work will finally end in His day of glory.

This documentary brings a shock to my sight and heart. Meanwhile, it guides viewers to have a deep knowledge of the mystery of all things in the universe, as well as man’s fate.

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