Search the Footprints of God’s Work

Do you feel anxious or distressed due to a darkness or weakening of your spirit? Do you feel lost and helpless because you’ve lost the work of the Holy Spirit? From the Throne Flows the Water of Life will guide you on your search for God’s footprints.

Explore Eastern Lightning
Explore Eastern Lightning – Where does the Eastern Lightning come from? Is the Eastern Lightning the second coming of Jesus? Come explore with us.
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A Lost Sheep Has Returned to the Side of the Shepherd Xinjing, Malaysia Ever since I have any memory, my parents have been doing odd jobs and worship in the temple. I once asked my mom, “What kind of god do you believe in?” She said,...
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How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work (Part One) First, let’s sing a hymn: The Kingdom Anthem (I) The Kingdom Has Descended on the World God’s kingdom has come on earth; God’s person is full and rich. Who can stand still and n...

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