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Micro Film “God’s Work Has Made Me Live Out the Likeness Of a Man”

He has worked in the construction and decoration industry for fifteen years. As to how such jerry-built buildings as “the leaning building” and “the falling building” were produced, he knows it better than anyone else.
In this dark society where if one doesn’t practice the “unspoken rule” of “collusion between officials and businessmen,” he’ll have no business, in order to survive, he helplessly followed the evil trends of the society. Offering bribes, indulging himself, and acting in collusion with the government officials, he lost himself and lost his character and dignity. The pricks of his conscious accompanied him everyday, and made him struggle painfully.…
Later, Almighty God’s end-time gospel came upon him. Through reading God’s words, his soul revived. Under the judgment and chastisement of God’s word and God’s discipline, he gradually gets to break free from the bondage of satanic poisons, be an honest person according to God’s word and the truth, live in God’s blessing and keeping, and walk on the bright right way of human life….

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