2019 Korean Christian Music Video “I’m Willing to Submit to God’s Work” (English Subtitles)

I’m Willing to Submit to God’s Work

O God! I beg You to do judgment work in me,
purify and change me,
allowing me to understand and obey Your will in all things.
In Your salvation of me, there is Your supreme love, and Your will.
In Your salvation of me, there is Your supreme love, and Your will.

Although I’m rebellious and have corrupt disposition,
and my nature is betrayal,
I have understood Your will in saving man.
I would that You give me more trials and suffering,
allowing me to behold Your hand amid such suffering, and see Your deeds.

Although You test and refine me,
I know this is Your love.
I beg You to provide to me according to my stature,
so that no matter what the trials and sufferings,
I will understand Your will, not betray You or complain,
and will completely obey and satisfy You,
satisfy You.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs


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