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“Disclose the Mystery About the Bible” Clip 1 - Is There God's Work and Word Outside the Bible?

4,366 June 12, 2018

“Outside the Bible there is no God’s work and word, and any belief beyond the Bible is a heresy.” Does it make sense? Does it accord with the fact of God’s work? This film clip will give you the answer.

She believed in the Lord from childhood. At 18, she entered a theological school. In her 30’s, she became one of the leaders of a house church in Shanxi Province, China. For a long time, the Bible had a holy place and supreme authority in her heart. She thought that one could only know God and find God’s footsteps in the Bible. Thus, she devoted herself to reading and studying the Bible. However, there were still many mysteries in the Bible which puzzled her. Until one day….

Full movie: Gospel of the Return of Jesus | Gospel Film “Ironclad Proofs—Disclose the Mystery About the Bible”

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