A Marvelous Deliverance From Drowning – God’s Grace

Auntie Zhong

I am a Christian. One afternoon in August 2012, I went to a pond with a tub of clothes to wash at the age of 71. The pond was surrounded by farmland, with nobody living nearby. For the convenience of washing clothes, the villagers set a cement board above the pond. That day before I had gone a few steps on the board, suddenly I slipped and fell headlong into the pond. With my head downward, I sank deep, deep down. When opening my eyes and seeing the turbid water, I was full of fear. I thought to myself: The water is very deep here and I can’t swim. Besides, I was not seen when falling into the pond. Turns out I’m gonna die! Just as I was in a panic, God’s word drifted into my mind: “You shouldn’t be afraid of this and that. No matter how many difficulties and dangers you face, you shall remain steady before Me; … Be not afraid; with My support, who could ever block the road?” (“The Tenth Utterance”). Right! I’ve believed in God, and He is my rock. Now is the time I rely on Him! So, I prayed with all my might: “O God, please help me! I’ve fallen into the pond; I don’t know what to do. …” After I cried out to Him several times, unexpectedly, my downward head miraculously rose to the surface. Despite the fact that my mouth was still under the water, I could breathe with my exposed nose. At that point, my whole body stayed upright in the water. Seeing that I was some distance from the bank and there was nobody around, I wanted to call for help. But once I opened my mouth, my lungs would be filled with water. I knew perfectly well that as long as water entered into my mouth, I would soon sink to the bottom. At that time, I became very anxious: I can’t reach the bank, nor does anyone save me. What should I do? Just then, I thought of God’s word: “Faith is like a single log bridge, those who cling abjectly to life will have difficulty in crossing it, but those who are ready to sacrifice themselves can pass over without worry. If man has timid and fearful thoughts, they are being fooled by Satan. It fears that we will cross the bridge of faith to enter into God” (“The Sixth Utterance”). At that moment, with the guidance of God’s words, I had faith in Him. I remembered when I fell into the water just now, I was upside down. After crying out to God, I floated head upward. Isn’t this God’s deed? So, I prayed to Him again: “O God! No one comes to save me. What should I do to go back to the bank? May You help me! …” With that, suddenly I got a thought: Try to swim with arms and see whether I can reach the bank. As a result, I thrashed the water with two hands. Surprisingly, my body slowly floated toward the bank. At that time, I had more faith in God! I thought: If only I could get closer to the bank, I would be able to climb up. And then I kept crying out to God inside. Unconsciously I floated to the bank, but along with the bare bank, there wasn’t a straw for me to catch at. Then slowly, I continued to move to the cement board. However, it was so high and slippery that I couldn’t clamber up. I prayed to God in my heart: “O God! I can’t do it. Please help me!” After that, my strength was so great. I clenched the cement board and then scrambled up the bank as I made the effort. On arriving at the bank, I sat on the board, frightened. My heart was full of gratitude to God. I knew that it was entirely His marvelous salvation that I could survive from the water. I prayed to Him in tears, panting: “O God! Thank You! But for Your salvation today, I would have drowned.”


Afterward, I stumbled home. When my granddaughter saw I was wet all over, she, whimpering in panic, said quickly: “Grandma, what happened to you?” “I’m all right. Do not weep, my child. I just fell into the water, and it was God who protected me from drowning. Can you get something dry from the wardrobe now?” I answered consolingly. After taking a bath and getting dressed, my heart gradually calmed down. Remembering that dangerous scene, I knew it was God who protected me in secret. I was of a great age and couldn’t swim. When falling into the water, I could surprisingly stay upright in it as if someone was bearing me up. When I was timid and afraid, God comforted and encouraged me through His words to make me have faith in Him, so that I could return to the bank safely. These were all the wondrous deeds of God! With these thoughts in mind, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. So I quickly knelt down and prayed to Him: “O God! Thank You! In the moment of danger, only You can rescue me. I couldn’t have returned alive today but that You saved me.”

Later, the neighbors were astonished to hear about my falling into the water. They said: “What a miracle! Though she can’t swim, she safely survived the deep pond.” I knew full well that God did protect me secretly and snatched me from the jaws of death.

Several months later, a high school boy fell into the pond and was drowned. The villagers talked: “An old lady around the age of 70 couldn’t swim, yet she succeeded in climbing up when falling into the water; while a young man failed. It’s strange and unbelievable.”

At these words, I knew very well that the real reason is not because I was capable or the boy was weak but because I believed in God while he didn’t. Before disasters, if we cry out to God and rely on Him, He will care for and protect us. If we don’t depend on Him, then we will be in danger of being devoured by Satan at any time. Just as God’s word says, “You should know that it is the last days now. The devil Satan, like a roaring lion, walks about, searching for people to devour. All manner of plagues are now breaking out and there are many different kinds of evil spirits. Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. You can only now hide in My secret place, only within Me, and the disasters will not befall you and no calamity will come near to your tent” (“The Twenty-eighth Utterance”). “I am mankind’s only salvation. I am mankind’s only hope and even more, I am He on whom the existence of all mankind rests. Without Me, mankind will immediately become stagnant. Without Me, mankind will suffer catastrophe and be trod upon by all manner of ghosts, even though none take heed of Me” (“You Ought to Do Enough Good Deeds to Prepare for Your Destination”). Through God’s words, I understood it even more clearly: It is the last days now. God will end this old world that has been corrupted by Satan, and establish His kingdom. Satan, however, isn’t willing to let God save us, devouring people by various manners like car crashes, illness, accidents and so on. In order to achieve its purpose, Satan wants to drag us into hell with might and main, just as that high school boy, a living life, was devoured by Satan. How evil it is! In face of disasters, we are very small, unable to save ourselves. Only if we come before God to receive His salvation, rely on and call to Him sincerely in difficulties, will He help us out of danger. For God has authority and power to save and protect us. After experiencing His protection, I’m ready to perform my duty well to repay His love. May all the glory be to God!


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