The CCP Is the Mastermind Behind the 8.28 Protest

At 9 a.m. on August 28, 2016, Wu, a representative of some religious website in South Korea, Tian, from China, as well as some other people, staged a protest at the gate of the Church of Almighty God in Guro, Seoul. During the protest, Wu instructed Tian and her son to cry at the gate, and let the reporter take photos of the scenes. They also tried several times to force into the church. Tian is the wife of Zhang, who is a Christian of the Church of Almighty God, and fled from China to Korea in 2015 due to the frenzied oppression and persecution of the CCP government. The reason Tian and Wu claimed to make this protest was: The Church of Almighty God took control of Zhang and forced him to perform duty in South Korea, which thus wrecked Tian’s family. So they demanded that the Church of Almighty God let go of Zhang.

The excesses of Wu, Tian and her son were stopped by the police who arrived later. The police told Tian and Wu that Tian’s husband, Zhang, had already gone to the police station, and proclaimed that he was free and in no way controlled by the Church of Almighty God. Rather, Zhang was afraid that his wife, together with the CCP police, would jointly carry him off to China, so he determined not to see his wife, Tian, and turned to the Korean police to ensure his security. During the explanation, the police also showed a photo of Zhang and them to Tian and Wu. Seeing their fabrication exposed that the Church of Almighty God took control of Zhang, Tian and Wu left in a hurry. Up to this point, many people may feel confused: Tian took great pains to search for her husband, why was she so slighted? A couple’s reunion which was meant to be happy, why did the husband take it as a great scourge? Wu, a representative of a religious website in South Korea, was a perfect stranger to Tian, an atheist from China, so how did they unite in such a short time? What is the dark secret behind Tian’s search for her husband? Along with my investigation and research, the truth of the incident gradually rose to the surface.

The CCP Is the Mastermind Behind the 8.28 Protest

Tian comes from Hebei Province, China. She is an ordinary staff member of some company in Mainland China. She got married to Zhang in 2007, and they had a son after marriage. Tian knew well Zhang’s belief in Almighty God before their marriage, and she did not interfere with his belief at that time. Since 2012, the CCP has intensified its crackdown on Christianity. It wildly suppressed and arrested the Christians of the Church of Almighty God, and took advantage of various media, like newspapers, television, the Internet, etc, to slander and condemn the Church of Almighty God in a rampant way. Tian then believed the rumors of the CCP and began to hinder her husband from believing in God. She even took excesses of shadowing, calling the police, committing suicide, and so on, to intimidate her husband into abandoning his belief, which made Zhang extremely oppressed and painful. At the end of 2014, Brother Xiaolin, who was in the same church with Zhang, was arrested by the CCP. Fearing to be tracked down by the CCP through him, Zhang had no alternative but to flee from China in April, 2015 and sought asylum in South Korea. Then he found the Church of Almighty God in his place and began to perform the duty. Zhang thought he had got away from the CCP’s arrest and persecution, and could enjoy the freedom of worshiping God. He never expected the CCP should come to hunt him in South Korea.

On January 24, 2016, Tian got into contact with Zhang through Korea Ministry of Justice in Jeju Province, and tried to persuade him to go back to China. Zhang explained to Tian that the sole end of his return to China was to be arrested and afflicted by the CCP. Then Tian showed understanding for what he said and returned alone. Unexpectedly, on May 18, Tian should lead the CCP’s plainclothes police to South Korea, and ask to meet Zhang without telling the fact that she came with the police. During their meeting, Tian insisted that Zhang go back to China, and the plainclothes policeman also urged him to return while prying about his performing the duty in South Korea. Meanwhile, Tian dialed the number of Cheng, a Chinese policeman, and handed the phone over to Zhang. Cheng once again advised Zhang to return to China as soon as possible. Only then did Zhang realize that this meeting in Jeju Province had long been hatched by Tian and the CCP police. The next several days, following the instructions of the police, Tian stole the passport and two cellphones of Zhang, and snatched the only 700,000 won on him. She clamored that she would rather allow her husband to be disabled and imprisoned by the CCP than have him stay here. In helplessness, Zhang caught his wife’s off guard and escaped from the hotel. However, it was so surprising that the CCP police and Tian tracked Zhang to the airport with the help of the tracking device in an attempt to catch him. Zhang ran desperately and managed to shake them off in the end. After this perilous escape, Zhang was even more sure that his wife had been bribed by the CCP, and that her purpose of this journey was to abduct him to China in collusion with the CCP police! At this point, everyone may understand why Zhang went to the Korea police station and stated his reluctance to see his wife, Tian, and why he turned to the Korean police for the sake of his security. The CCP has stretched its evil hand of persecuting religious belief to South Korea. It wishes to abduct to China all the Christians fleeing here, sentence and imprison them, and vainly attempts to abolish the Church of Almighty God. Tian, however, is nothing but its tool to arrest the Christians of the Church of Almighty God, and she has been totally controlled and used by the CCP. This is apparent to anyone with good sense.

Then look at another indispensable role in the 8.28 Protest drama—the instigator, Wu. In this drama, Wu alleged that the Church of Almighty God coerced the believers to perform the duty and broke up their families. She took people to carry banners and signs in protest against the Church of Almighty God, instructed Tian and her son to cry and stir up trouble at the gate of the church for the reporter to photograph, and she even tried to force into the church several times. Who is Wu exactly? What’s the relationship between Tian and her? Why did she help Tian search for her husband so actively and heartily? Since they have different nationalities and beliefs, how did they gather to organize the protest?

It is learnt that Wu is a representative of some religious website in South Korea, which engages in the activities to condemn religious heresies, especially those religious groups condemned by the CCP government. She does “march to a different beat” in Korea’s religious community. For instance, the CCP has conducted bloody suppression and persecution on Falun Gong practitioners in China. However, when all other governments, human rights organizations, and righteous men around the world denounced and opposed its horrifying brutality after its savage act of live organ harvesting was exposed, Wu attacked Falun Gong, understood and supported the CCP’s savagery in Korea’s public places as well as the website she works for. Without any thought to human rights and justice, Wu aligned herself with the CCP, acclaimed and defended it. What does it prove? It proves that Wu is a pro-CCP extremist, or even a spy bought off by the CCP and hidden in South Korea. This is not groundless, for it has already been an open secret that the CCP pays a huge sum of money to buy off parliamentarians of foreign countries and people from all walks of life. It is said that some Christians of the Church of Almighty God in Guro recognized Wu as she appeared at the gate of the church. They said that 3 years ago, Wu infiltrated the Church of Almighty God on the excuse of investigating the true way. During their contact, however, she did not talk about faith, but kept inquiring about internal affairs about the Church of Almighty God. Most Christians of the church suspected that she was a spy of the CCP, and then expelled her from the church. In March this year, Wu disguised herself again as an investigator of the true way, poked around at the Church of Almighty God in Guro, and was expelled for a second time. On July 19, Wu published the remarks of the CCP’s slander and condemnation of the Church of Almighty God on her website. On July 31, Wu made a comment and raised a banner, calling on people to oppose the Eastern Lightning and deport Christians of the Church of Almighty God! Wu’s attitude and comments of attacking and condemning the Church of Almighty God are identified with those of the CCP. She bangs the drum and cheers for the CCP’s persecution of religious belief, literally acting as the mouthpiece of the CCP in South Korea. According to a TV reporter of South Korea, 3 days prior to Tian’s arrival in Korea, he had received Wu’s reservation to report this incident. Seen from this, the protest was obviously schemed long before, and not at all a simple act of searching for the husband. Wu, a pro-CCP extremist in South Korea, and Tian, a Christian’s relative used by the CCP police, actually got together so quickly. More coincidentally, some websites of Mainland China successively published several reports to slander the Church of Almighty God, claiming that it broke up the believers’ families and incited them to forsake their family, which echoed Tian’s search for her husband. Then what does all this prove? It is proof enough that both Wu and Tian had been nobbled and taken advantage of by the CCP. They were directed and controlled by the CCP, and played the role of its chess pieces to oppress and persecute the Church of Almighty God overseas! The mastermind behind the 8.28 Protest is right the CCP! Its purpose of directing this protest is to smear and frame the Church of Almighty God through Tian and Wu’s making trouble, to fabricate public opinion in South Korea, and extradite Zhang back to China, thus breaching the wall of extraditing and then persecuting all the Christians of the Church of Almighty God who fled to South Korea for asylum. How malicious the CCP’s intention!

The CCP took painstaking efforts to arrange for Tian to search for her husband abroad, ask her to widely publicize before the press, “Zhang abandoned his family to believe in God and perform the duty overseas,” and thereby slandered the Church of Almighty God on the charge of illegally coercing the believers to perform the duty and breaking up their families. It is totally an act of confusing black with white, and crying “Stop thief” as the thief himself! The CCP has always been good at it. In fact, during his stay at the local police station and an interview of some well-known media, Zhang stated twice explicitly that he came to South Korea of his own will, rather than being threatened by anyone, and that he sought asylum here as a result of the CCP government’s arrest and persecution. God never forces man, nor does the Church of Almighty God. On the contrary, coercion is the habitual means and tactic of the autocratic CCP. Only the CCP government forces man to listen and submit to it while not giving the slightest freedom to man. It actually tracks believers in God overseas to persecute and arrest them, and does everything it could to get the Christians back to China. This is real coercion and compulsion!

Zhang continued his belief in God and his gospel preaching after coming abroad, which are the duty and obligation a Christian should fulfill. However, the CCP framed and smeared the Church of Almighty God by this, saying that the Church of Almighty God made the believers abandon their family to perform their duties, and thus broke up their families. This is utterly an excuse the CCP found to attack and condemn the Church of Almighty God. So absurd! To everyone who truly believes in God, following God and expending for Him is right and proper. In the Bible, the Lord Jesus said, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whoever does not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. … So likewise, whoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he has, he cannot be my disciple(Luke 14:26-27, 33). “He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of me(Matthew 10:37-38). These words are personal utterances of the Lord Jesus—the Creator, which are also the highest will and truth of God toward man. And this is how countless Christian saints have followed God over thousands of years. After accepting God’s calling and commission, they left their family and forsook their career, remained single in their lifetime, devoted their whole being to preaching the gospel everywhere, and didn’t even hesitate to give up their life. Is it not proper? Who dares to condemn them as abandoning their family and ruining their families? Rather, all those who truly believe in God will admire them, for what they have done is God’s requirements of man, is positive, and is what man should imitate and pursue. But then, why are the Christians of the Church of Almighty God labeled as breaking up their families under coercion when they lay aside everything, including their families, to spend for God and perform their duties? Apparently, it is a despicable and vicious means of the atheistic CCP government to suppress and persecute them and disturb and impair God’s work of saving man, as well as its habitual tactic of frame-up and confusing black with white.

What does breaking up one’s family mean? Who exactly is the breaker of the Christians’ families? The CCP government puts Christians into prison and tortures them to death. Is this not breaking up their families? As long as one believes in God, the CCP will cut off his family’s livelihood. It oppresses, rejects and persecutes the believers, for which they cannot return home, but have to separate from their family and flee from place to place. Is this not breaking up their families? To abolish religious belief and safeguard its dictatorial rule, the CCP government has launched countless movements, arrested and slaughtered countless people, and innumerable families have been destroyed. For example, during the various movements of the Cultural Revolution and the June Fourth Student Movement, the children of some families were killed, so were the husbands or wives of some others. And some people were sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years, 20 years or even for life. This has brought great disasters to those families. According to statistics, since the CCP took power, it has massacred 80 million people to maintain its dictatorial rule. We just cannot imagine how many wives have lost their husbands, and how many children have lost their parents. The CCP slaughters people at will. There is no denying that it is the real culprit that breaks up and destroys families. In China, as the divorce rate is increasingly high, more and more families have broken apart. Even for many couples who have not got divorced, their marriage remains in name only. Is it because people believe in God and perform duties that their families break up? Obviously not. Actually, the root cause of the problem lies in that deceived by the CCP’s atheism, the Chinese people all deny God, stray away from God and thus fall under Satan’s influence; in addition, they are corroded and influenced by various satanic evil thoughts, and thus adore evil, indulge lust, have extramarital affairs. As a result, many families have been broken into fragments. People with discerning eyes have seen clearly that it is the CCP government that breaks down and ruins families, rather than the Christians of the Church of Almighty God.

As one who believes in and follows God, it is right and proper to spend and sacrifice for God, which corresponds to the truth, the Bible and God’s heart’s desire. Over the past 2,000 years, nobody has ever denied or condemned the Lord Jesus’ words in the Bible, nor has anyone dared to condemn people who forsake their family and career as splitting up families and violating the law, much less has the law of any country judged those who dedicate themselves to God guilty. Only the satanic, atheistic regime denies God’s word and considers these good and righteous deeds an offense. That’s because in the eyes of the CCP, it is solely legitimate for people to devote their lives to its regime. It doesn’t allow people to believe in God, much less spend for God, so it spreads wantonly the fallacy that “Belief in God breaks families.” It is completely an excuse of the atheistic government to persecute Christians, a theoretical basis of it to condemn Christians, and a heresy and fallacy that goes against the Bible and resists God. Among the religious people, only those so-called ones who adore the CCP and wallow in the mire with the CCP government will agree to the CCP’s evil views! For those who fear God and are willing to follow the Lord’s way, who would approve such ridiculous satanic views! No wonder few people responded to the “8.28 drama” despite Wu’s rushing about and deliberate planning. It is learnt that in Wu’s initial application, the protest was supposed to involve 16 people and run from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. However, on the spot we saw that accompanied by Wu and Tian, five elderly women stood in a line and held the signs listlessly which wrote something defaming Almighty God in Chinese. It fell far short of the effect that Wu had expected. And the drama ended up in less than 4 hours, with nothing definite but embarrassment.

As is known to all, the CCP is an atheistic party that hates God and resists God most. It has been persecuting religious belief since it took office. Christianity and Catholicism are branded as cults and the Bible is designated as a cult book. Countless Christians have suffered imprisonment and persecution due to their belief in God. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 missionaries of South Korea alone who have been afflicted and deported by the CCP government. Especially since Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus in the last days appeared to work in China, the CCP government has been frenziedly hunting Christ and those who serve God, and cruelly persecuting God’s chosen people, attempting vainly to abolish God’s work in the last days. However, God’s work cannot be hindered by any force. Despite the rampant suppression and persecution of the CCP government, Almighty God’s work in the last days still has spread rapidly across Mainland China and is spreading to countries around the world. A growing number of people who truly long for God have returned to Almighty God. Along with the wide spread of the kingdom gospel, the CCP’s crimes that repress freedom of religion and brutally persecute Christians have come to light through the release of the gospel movies, videos, testimony articles, etc. of the Church of Almighty God. Seeing its untold crimes exposed in broad daylight, the CCP was driven into desperate action, and impatient to stretch its evil hand overseas. It has used various base means to provoke trouble at the Church of Almighty God in South Korea, seeking to create public opinion, smear and frame the Church of Almighty God, and incite the South Korean government, people and religious community to oppose the Church, thus achieving its evil intention to continue with the oppression, persecution and eradication of the Church of Almighty God. Wu and Tian were bought off by the CCP, so as to play such a drama of “seeking the husband” at the gate of the Church of Almighty God, and to deliberately smear and slander the Church on the charge of coercing the believers. It was precisely an organized and premeditated action under the sole direction of the CCP. To achieve its purpose, the CCP did plot and scheme a lot! We are unable to know how many efforts they had spent on Tian and Wu, how many secret meetings they had held, how many confidential documents they had issued, how much money they had given to them both. However, the CCP always goes to any lengths to achieve its purpose, with bribing and buying off as its regular tricks, and “money makes the mare go” as its pursuit. When the CCP senior officers visit abroad, they will pay high to have a bunch of overseas Chinese as a welcome team. This is public knowledge. Now, in order to oppress and abolish the Church of Almighty God, the CCP even sent plainclothes policemen and spies abroad, consuming a lot of human, material and financial resources. What an effort! It thoroughly reveals that the CCP government is a satanic regime that resists the true God and hates the truth, and that the CCP is Satan the devil, an enemy of God!

From the facts above, we see clearly that Tian’s seeking her husband over thousands of miles was entirely a drama directed and staged by the CCP government itself, also a trick and conspiracy carefully planned and organized by it. It is a concrete proof of how the CCP persecutes and represses religious belief and makes an enemy of God. Where the CCP reaches out its evil hand, there is chaos and an awful mess, as well as people who are deceived and act as a tool of the CCP. The Church of Almighty God in South Korea is legally registered. Christians of the Church only testify to Almighty God, Christ of the last days, and spread the word expressed by Him. They don’t violate any law of South Korea, much less harm any interests of South Koreans. I believe that the South Korean government and religious community can see the fact clearly. This time, though the CCP bought off Wu and Tian, planned and created the 8.28 Protest, we are glad to see that the religious people in South Korea are possessed of rationality, good judgment and conscience, and that the South Korean government acts according to the policies, laws and regulations. From this, it can be seen that South Korea is indeed a country with the democratic system and freedom of religious belief, which we’ve never enjoyed in Mainland China. The CCP’s scheme failed this time. It was really hoisted by its own petard. This is exactly “God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes,” which is apparent to us all!


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