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The Church of Almighty God

Pledging My Life to Devotion

Zhou Xuan     Shandong Province On April 3, 2003, I went with a sister to visit a new believer. This new believer had still not been set in the truth and ended up reporting us. As a result, four evil plain-clothes police came and aggressively forced the two of us into their

The Church of Almighty God

Tribulation Inspired My Love for God

Meng Yong     Shanxi Province I amby nature an honest person, which is why I have always been bullied by other people. As a result, I have tasted the coldness of the world of man and felt my life empty and without meaning. After I started believing in Almighty God, through the

The Church of Almighty God

Rising Up Through Dark Oppression

Mo Zhijian     Guangdong Province I was born in a poor, remote mountain area where we have burned incense and worshiped Buddha for many generations. There are Buddhist temples all over the land where all the families would go to burn incense; no one had ever believed in God. In 1995, My

The Overcomers’ Testimonies “God’s Love Is Boundless”

God’s Love Is Boundless Li Qing    Shandong Province I suffered many hardships in the world. My husband died a few years after we married, and since then, the family burden completely fell on me. I lived a hard life with my young child and was always cold-shouldered and bullied by others.

The Overcomers’ Testimonies“Rise Up in the Dark Oppression”

Rise Up in the Dark Oppression Mo Zhijian    Guangdong Province I was born in a poor remote mountain village. People there burned incense and worshiped Buddha for generations. Temples were everywhere, and each household burned incense. No one believed in God. In 1995, my wife and I believed in the Lord