Jeremiah 10:23 - Man Cannot Control His Future, Today's Bible Verse

Man Cannot Control His Future – Jeremiah 10:23

Today’s bible verse Jeremiah 10:23 tells us that man can plan his future but he cannot control his future. This is unchangeable by anyone. We all have the experience, “Plans cannot keep up with changes.”

Ecclesiastes 3:2 - To Everything There is a Season - Famous Bible Verse

To Everything There is a Season – Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Today’s bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 (To Everything There is a Season). From this verses, I came to understand that everything of man, including man’s birth and death, weep and laugh, success and failure, saying and doing are all in God’s hands.

Matthew 18:3,Be Like a Little Child - Today's Bible Verse

Be Like a Little Child – Matthew 18:3

Today’s bible verse Matthew 18:3 tells us to be like a little child. Also, this is obviously the Lord’s requirement for entry into the kingdom of heaven. What then did the Lord mean by ‘as little children’?

Psalm 56:3 - Trust God and Stop Being Afraid - bible verses about faith and trust in God

Trust God and Stop Being Afraid – Psalm 56:3

Today’s bible verse Psalm 56:3 is about trusting God and stop being afraid. In Mak 5:21-43, Jairus’ daughter was dying when he begged Jesus to heal her. On his way home, someone told him that his daughter had died, but Jesus said to him, “Fear not: believe only.”