Relying on God, I Saw Through Satan’s Schemes

My daughter had a miscarriage and two years later my newborn grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. Relying on God, I saw through Satan’s schemes. At last, I stood testimony and beheld God’s almightiness.


Truth Finally Prevail Over Rumors

Her husband once opposed her believing in Almighty God because of rumors. However, when she stood witness and practiced the truth, her husband saw the truth and also believed in Almighty God.


Who Broke the Silence of the Class

The silence in our class was broken by the director’s sudden question. It seemed that he was asking about the religious belief, but there were Satan’s tricks and evil intentions hidden behind.


Religious Conflicts With Family Members

When I faced my family members’ opposition, God’s words guided me to understand that believing in God should obey Him, not be under the control of anything!