John 6:51 – Living Bread

John 6:51

Bible Verse:

I am the living bread which came down from heaven. – John 6:51

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The Lord’s Burden Is Light, Then Why Is My Life So Tiring? The Lord is faithful, and His burden is light when we obey God's sovereignty and rely on God. This is the behavioral principle of us Christians.
With God’s Grace, I Gain the True Happiness After family disruption, a rough struggle abroad and the death of my relatives, I felt extremely empty. Later, God’s grace made me gain the true happiness.
Break the Shackles of Hatred, She Is Free Her father’s affair wounded her and her mother badly, thus she wanted to revenge and was living in the hatred for years. It was God’s salvation, she went of the hatred and regain f...
I Saw God’s Blessing and Protection in Tribulation After being arrested by the police and inhumanly mistreated for 10 days, we survived by relying on God. This made me see God’s protection and strengthened my faith in God.

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