Wise Virgins Should Not Believe the Rumors

Gao Han

In the last days, God incarnate has appeared in China and expressed the truth to do the work of judging and purifying man. This fulfills “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17). After hearing the words of Almighty God—Christ of the last days, people in all denominations and sects who love the truth and truly thirst for God’s appearance have all recognized that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, and returned to Him. But the CCP government fabricates various rumors to slander Almighty God and His Church, saying, “The Church of Almighty God claims that China is under the ruling of the great red dragon (mentioned in the prophecy of Revelation in the Bible), and that the CCP is the great red dragon who comes out to persecute God’s chosen people in the last days, as prophesied in Revelation. It even predicts that the great red dragon will be destroyed by God. The rapid development of the Church of Almighty God is worrying the government, and we fear that it has the political motive of overthrowing the government.” After hearing these rumors, some people who are unaware of the facts dare not investigate the true way. In result, they have fallen into Satan’s schemes and missed the opportunity of being saved by God.

belief in God

When I see the CCP trumps up various charges against the Church of Almighty God, I cannot help thinking: How can the CCP, an atheist party, admit the Church where the true God works? And who among those in power loves the truth and welcomes the coming of God? At the time when the Lord Jesus came to do the work of redemption, He was persecuted by the ruling Party and the religious world and even had nowhere to rest His head. He worked and spoke and spread the gospel of repentance while enduring the abandonment and resistance of mankind. He had never incited people to start any political movements or to overthrow the government. However, the religious world at that time colluded with the Roman government to crucify the Lord Jesus. Now the returned Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God, has descended in China to work and speak to save mankind, and likewise, He is persecuted and hunted by the CCP. But despite that, God’s gospel of kingdom has never been hindered. More and more people have returned to Almighty God, and the churches of Almighty God have been built up throughout China and in many other countries. Seeing the Church of Almighty God developing so rapidly, the CCP began to suppress and persecute it on an accusation of having the political motive of overthrowing its ruling. Thus, the devilish substance of the atheist CCP—resisting and hating God—is even more exposed.

God says: “When God carries out His work, He comes not to engage in any building or movements; He comes to fulfill His ministry. Each time He becomes flesh, it is only to accomplish a stage of work and open up a new age. Now it is the Age of Kingdom, and man has entered into the exercise of the kingdom. This stage of work is not the work of man or for making man complete to a certain extent; it is to complete a part of God’s work. His work is not the work of man and not to make man complete to a certain degree before leaving earth; it is to fulfill His ministry in full and finish the work that He ought to do, which is to make proper arrangements for His work on earth, thereby becoming glorified.” “The work of every age is begun by God Himself, but you ought to know that whatever the work of God, He does not come to start a movement or to hold special conferences or to establish any sort of organization for you. He comes only to carry out the work that He ought to do. His work is not restricted by any man. He does His work however He wishes; no matter what man thinks or knows, He focuses only on carrying out His work. Since the creation of the world, there have already been three stages of work; from Jehovah to Jesus, and from the Age of Law to the Age of Grace, God has never convened a special conference for man, nor has He ever assembled all mankind together to convene a special global working conference in order to expand on His work. He simply carries out the initial work of an entire age when the time and place are right, and through this ushers in the age to lead mankind in their lives. Special conferences are the congregations of man; assembling people together to celebrate the holidays is the work of man. God does not observe the holidays and, moreover, abhors them; He does not convene special conferences and furthermore abhors them. Now you should understand exactly what is the work of God become flesh!” (The Mystery of the Incarnation (3) in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God’s words have made it very plain that God incarnate comes only to perform His ministry and do the work that He ought—expressing words to judge and purify man. God’s words have revealed to us humans the mysteries of His six-thousand-year management plan and the inside story of three stages of His work, revealed to us how Satan corrupts man and how God saves man, His work of judgment in the last days as well as the meaning of the work, what kind of people will be saved and what kind of people will be punished and destroyed, and so on. God demands that we pursue the truth and put the truth into practice, and not follow the evil worldly trends to do evil, so that we may ultimately achieve obedience to Him and a knowledge of Him. Never does He ask us to participate in politics. Since we, as Christians, have received God’s salvation, we are responsible and obliged to spread the gospel to testify Him, in order that all those who have not believed in God or known Him will come before Him to investigate the true way, accept the truth, and thus attain salvation. It is not only God’s commission but also our duty to carry out God’s will. Just as God says: “You must know I am the One who bestows life unto mankind, and it is you who receive life from Me and must bear witness for Me. This is your duty, which I send down upon you and which you ought to do for Me” (“What Do You Know of Faith?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). We believers in God preach the gospel only for the sake of spreading the words expressed by God, and testifying and preaching about how God does His work, and how He saves man. And when those who love the truth see God’s words and hear His voice, they will all return to the Creator. The rapid growth of the Church of Almighty God is an irresistible trend, which is preordained by God.

Then why is the CCP so fearful when the Church of Almighty God expands rapidly? This is because Almighty God is carrying out the work of saving man during the last days, and once His words spread throughout mankind, all those who love the truth will return to Almighty God and worship Him, and no one will follow the CCP any longer. Therefore, the CCP is terribly frightened of all the truth Almighty God expresses. During more than twenty years since Almighty God started to work, the CCP has confiscated innumerable books of the Church of Almighty God. But why does it never dare to make public the book The Word Appears in the Flesh, the words in which are expressed by Almighty God? Why does it not dare to let people all over the world read or listen to Almighty God’s words to see whether they are God’s personal utterances, whether they are God’s voice? And why does it not dare to openly let the public listen to the testimony of the Christians of the Church of Almighty God and see what work God is doing in the last days and how He is saving man? The CCP simply doesn’t dare to do so, for it is afraid that if the Church of Almighty God continues testifying to the work of God incarnate and His words like this, and if the words in the book The Word Appears in the Flesh are spread and testified to the world, the whole mankind will accept His work of the last days after hearing His voice, and then the CCP will be unable to deceive, fool, or corrupt people of the world any longer, and the evil world under its control will cease to exist. Therefore, in order to establish an eternal godless realm in the world so it can rule China throughout the ages, the CCP frantically suppresses, slanders, and discredits the Church of Almighty God, and cruelly persecutes the Christians. That totally exposes its devilish substance of hating the truth and resisting God.

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