Almighty God’s Word “The Twenty-fourth Utterance in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

The Twenty-fourth Utterance My chastisement comes upon all people, yet it also remains distant from all people. Each life of every person is filled with love and hate towards Me, and no one has ever known Me—and so man’s attitude […]

God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe – The Sixteenth Utterance

The Sixteenth Utterance There is so much that I wish to say to man, so many things that I must tell him. But man’s abilities of acceptance are too lacking: he is incapable of fully grasping My words according to […]

“Every Nation Worships the Practical God” (Stage Version) – The Recitation of Almighty God’s Word

Every Nation Worships the Practical God Ⅰ This time, God comes to do work not in a spiritual body but in a very ordinary, very ordinary one. Not only is it the body of God’s second incarnation, but also the […]

“God Himself, the Unique V God’s Holiness (II)” (Part One)

God’s Holiness (II) Part One Good evening everyone! (Good evening Almighty God!) Today, brothers and sisters, let us sing a hymn. Find one that you like and that you have sung regularly before. (We’d like to sing a hymn of […]

God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique (II) God’s Righteous Disposition” (Part Two)

Although God’s Wrath Is Hidden and Unknown to Man, It Tolerates No Offense God’s treatment of the whole of foolish and ignorant humanity is primarily based on mercy and tolerance. His wrath, on the other hand, is concealed in the […]

God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique (IV) God’s Holiness (I)” (Part Two)

Let us now look at what other words and expressions of Satan allow man to see its hideous countenance. Let us continue reading some scripture. 3. Dialog Between Satan and Jehovah God (Job 1:6-11) Now there was a day when […]

God’s Word “End Religious Service”

Since the beginning of His work in the entire universe, God has preselected many people to serve Him, including people from every walk of life. The purpose is to fulfill His own will and to ensure that His work on […]

Knowing God Is the Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil

Everyone should examine anew his life of believing in God to see whether, in the pursuit of God, he has truly understood, truly comprehended, and truly come to know God, whether he truly knows what attitude God bears to the […]

The Recital of Almighty God’s Word “The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)” (Selected Two)

Almighty God says, “God’s saving of man is not done directly through the means of the Spirit or as the Spirit, for His Spirit can neither be touched nor seen by man, and cannot be approached by man. If He […]

God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique X God Is the Source of Life for All Things (IV)” (Part Three)

1. How God Rules and Administers the Spiritual World 3) The Cycle of Life and Death of the People Who Follow God Next, let us speak of the cycle of life and death of those who follow God. This concerns […]