What a Real “Man” Means

Managing man is My job, and having him be conquered by Me was even more predestined when I created the world. People do not know that I will completely conquer them in the last days, and they are also unaware that the evidence of My defeating Satan is to conquer the disobedient members of mankind. But I had already told My enemy when it struggled with Me that I would become the conqueror of those who had been taken away by Satan and had long become its children, and its loyal servants watching over its home. The original meaning of conquer is to defeat, to humiliate. In the way Israel’s people put it, it is to completely defeat, destroy, and make one unable to resist Me further. But today as used among you people, its meaning is to conquer. You should know My intent is to completely extinguish and reduce to ruin the evil one of mankind, so that it can no longer rebel against Me, much less have a breath to interrupt or disturb My work. Thus, as far as people are concerned, it means to be conquering. However, whatever the term’s connotation, My work is to defeat mankind. For truly mankind is an adjunct to My management, but more accurately, mankind is none other than My enemy. Mankind is the evil one that resists and disobeys Me. Mankind is none other than the progeny of the evil one accursed by Me. Mankind is none other than the descendant of the archangel that betrayed Me. Mankind is none other than the heritage of the devil that was already detested and rejected by Me and came at odds with Me. The sky above all mankind is murky and gloomy, lacking in even a glimmer of clarity. The human world is in pitch darkness, and when living in it one “cannot see his own hand when he stretches it out before him” and cannot see the sun when he lifts his head. The road beneath his feet is muddy and rife with potholes, and it is meandering and tortuous; the whole land is littered with corpses. The corners in the dark are filled with the remains of the dead. The cool and dark corners are crowded with hordes of demons taking up residence. Throughout mankind hordes of demons also come and go. The progeny of myriad beasts covered in filth is fighting hand to hand, in a brutal struggle, the sound of which strikes terror in the heart. In such times, such a world, and such an “earthly paradise,” where does one go to seek out life’s felicities? Where would one go to find his life’s destination? Mankind, trampled under Satan’s feet long ago, has been acting in Satan’s image—even being its embodiment. He is the evidence of being Satan’s “witness, loud and clear.” Such “mankind,” such scum, or such offspring of this corrupt “human family,” how could they bear witness to God? From whence comes forth My glory? Where is My witness? The enemy that stands against Me and corrupts mankind has already soiled mankind, My creation, brimming with My glory and My living out. It has stolen away My glory, and what it has imbued man with is nothing but poison heavily laced with the ugliness of Satan, and juice from fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the beginning, I created mankind, that is, I created mankind’s ancestor, Adam. He was tangible and formed, brimming with life, brimming with vitality, and furthermore, having My glory’s company. That was the glorious day when I created man. Following that, Eve was “produced” from the body of Adam, also the ancestor of man, and so the people of My creation were filled with My breath and brimming with My glory. Adam was originally “produced” by My hand and was the representation of My image. Thus the original meaning of “Adam” was to be My creation imbued with My vitality, imbued with My glory, tangible and in good form, having spirit and breath. He was the only creation endowed with a spirit that could represent Me, have My image and receive My breath. In the beginning Eve was the second person endowed with breath that I had determined to create, so the original meaning of “Eve” was to be a creation to continue My glory, filled with My vitality and furthermore be endowed with My glory. Eve came out of Adam, so she was also of My image, for she was the second person created in My image. The original meaning of “Eve” was to be a living being, given a spirit, existing in flesh and bone, being My second testimony as well as My second image in mankind. They were mankind’s ancestors, his pure and precious treasure, and originally living beings with a spirit. However the evil one trampled and looted the progeny of mankind’s ancestors, closing the human world into complete darkness, such that this progeny no longer believes in My existence. What’s even more detestable is that at the same time when the evil one corrupts and tramples people, it cruelly takes away My glory, My testimony, the vitality I bestowed on people, the breath and life I blew into them, all My glory in the human world, and all the painstaking effort that I have invested into mankind. Mankind is no longer in the light, and has lost everything I have bestowed on them, discarding, too, the glory I have bestowed. How could they ever confess that I am the Lord of the creation? How could they believe in My existence in heaven? How could they discover My glory’s manifestation on earth? How could these “grandsons and granddaughters” take the God their own ancestors revered as Lord of their creation? These pitiful “grandsons and granddaughters” have generously “presented” to the evil one the glory, the image, as well as the testimony that I had bestowed on Adam and Eve, and the life bestowed on mankind that they depend on, without minding in the slightest the evil one’s presence, giving all My glory to it. Is this not the source of the title of “scum”? How could such mankind, such devils, such walking corpses, such figures of Satan, such enemies of Mine have My glory? I will repossess My glory, repossess My testimony among man and all that once belonged to Me, which I had given to mankind long ago—completely conquer mankind. However you should know, the humans I created were holy men with My image and My glory. They were not originally of Satan, nor subjected to its trampling, but purely My manifestation, free of the slightest trace of its poison. Thus, I let everyone know that I only want that which was created by My hand, My beloved pure ones that never belonged to any other entity. Furthermore, I will take pleasure in them and see them as My glory. However, what I want is not the mankind corrupted by Satan, belonging to Satan today, which is no longer My original creation. Because I want to repossess My glory in the human world, I will gain complete conquest over the remaining “survivors” of mankind, as the proof of My glory in My victory over Satan. I only take My testimony as My crystallization, as the object of My enjoyment. Such is My intention.

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Mankind has developed through tens of thousands of years of history to get where they are today. However, the mankind of My original creation has long ago sunk into degeneracy. They are already not what I intended, and thus people, the way I see them, are already undeserving of the name mankind. They are rather the scum of mankind, looted by Satan, and the rotten walking corpses Satan lives in and is clothed with. People do not in the least believe in My existence, nor do they welcome My arrival. Mankind only begrudgingly responds to My requests, temporarily agrees with them, and does not sincerely share in life’s joys and sorrows with Me. As people see Me as inscrutable, they begrudgingly pretend to smile at Me, betraying their manner of coddling up to power. This is because people have no knowledge of My work, much less of My intention today. I’ll be honest with all of you—when the day comes, the suffering of anyone who worships Me will be easier to bear than yours. The degree of your faith in Me does not, in actuality, exceed that of Job—and even the faith of the Jewish Pharisees surpasses yours—so in the impending days of fire, you will suffer more seriously than the Pharisees when rebuked by Jesus, more seriously than the 250 leaders that had resisted Moses, and more seriously than Sodom under the scorching flames of its destruction. When Moses struck the rock, and the water Jehovah had bestowed sprang forth, it was because of his faith. When David played music in praise of Me, Jehovah—with his heart filled with joy—it was because of his faith. When Job lost his livestock all over the mountains, lost priceless family possessions, and his body was covered in boils, it was because of his faith. When he could hear the voice of Me, Jehovah, and see the glory of Me, Jehovah, it was because of his faith. That Peter could follow Jesus Christ, it was by his faith. That he could be nailed to the cross for Me and give glorious testimony, it was also by his faith. When John saw the glorious image of the Son of man, it was by his faith. When he saw the vision of the last days, it was all the more by his faith. When the so-called “people of the Gentile nation” receive My revelation, finding out that I have returned in the flesh doing My work among man, it is also because of their faith. Are not all those who are smitten by My severe word consoled and saved by their faith? Those who believe in Me and suffer hardships, are they not also subjected to the world’s rejection? Those living outside My word, fleeing the suffering of trial, are they not drifting through the world? They are akin to autumn leaves fluttering here and there with no place to rest, much less My word of consolation. Although My chastisement and refinement follow them not, are they not the beggars, floating around, that wander the streets outside the kingdom of heaven? Is the world really your place of rest? Could you really attain a smile of relief from the world through your avoidance of My chastisement? Could you truly use your fleeting enjoyment as a cover for that inconcealable emptiness in your heart? You could fool anyone in your family, yet you are forever incapable of fooling Me. As your faith is meager, you are still to this day powerless to find any of the delights life has to offer. I advise you: better to sincerely spend half your life for Me than your whole life in mediocrity and busywork for the flesh, enduring all the suffering a man could hardly bear. What purpose would it serve to treasure yourself so much as to flee from My chastisement? What purpose would it serve to hide yourself from My momentary chastisement only to reap an eternity of embarrassment, an eternity of chastisement? I will not, in fact, bend anyone to My will. If a man is really willing to submit to all My plans, I would not treat him poorly. But I require that all people believe in Me, just as Job believed in Me, Jehovah. If your faith exceeds that of Thomas, then your faith will attain My commendation, in your loyalty you will find My bliss, and you will surely find My glory in your days. However those that believe in the world and believe in the devil have hardened hearts, just as the masses of Sodom City, with grains of sand blowing in their eyes and offerings from the devil held in their mouths. Their deceived hearts have long ago been possessed by the evil one that had usurped the world, and almost all their thoughts are plundered by the ancient demon. Thus mankind’s faith has gone with the wind, and they are unable to even take notice of My work. All they can do is just cope or analyze very roughly, because they have already been occupied by the poison of Satan.

I will conquer mankind because they were once created by Me and have, what’s more, enjoyed all the bountiful objects of My creation. However, they have rejected Me, and their hearts are without Me, seeing Me as a burden on their lives. Even worse, people have clearly caught sight of Me yet rejected Me, and have thought up every possible way to “defeat” Me. People do not allow Me to treat them seriously or to put strict demands on them, nor do they permit My judgment or chastisement of their unrighteousness. They do not find such treatment to be interesting, but rather, it annoys them. Thus My job is to defeat the mankind who eats, drinks of Me and revels in Me, but does not know Me. I will disarm them, and then, I will return to My dwelling place with My messengers and My glory. For people’s behavior has completely broken My heart and shattered My work into pieces long ago. I want to repossess the glory that the evil one has stolen before happily walking away, letting mankind continue to go on with their life, continue their “life and work in peace,” continue “cultivating their fields,” being freed from My interference in their lives. But I will now fully repossess My glory from the hand of the evil one, bring back the entirety of the glory I wrought into man at the creation of the world, and never again bestow it on earth’s mankind. For people are not only failing to conserve My glory, they are instead converting it into the image of Satan. People do not treasure My arrival, nor would they prize the days of My glory. They are not relishing the acceptance of My chastisement, much less being willing to restore My glory to Me. Nor are they willing to cast away the evil one’s poison. People are constantly playing tricks on Me, and they always wear their bright smiles and happy faces. They are unaware of the depths of gloom that mankind will face after My glory leaves them, and particularly unaware that when My day comes to the whole of mankind, they will have an even harder time than people in the times of Noah. For they do not know that when My glory parted from Israel how gloomy it had become, for man forgets on dawn’s arrival how hard it is to go through the pitch darkness of night. When the sun goes back into hiding again and darkness looms over man, he will again mourn and grind his teeth in darkness. Have you forgotten that when My glory parted from Israel, how difficult it was for its people to endure through such suffering? Now are the days when you see My glory, and which are also the glorious days you’re passing with Me. Man will mourn in darkness when My glory leaves the filthy land. Now are the glorious days when I am doing My work, and are also the days when I exempt mankind from suffering, as I will not go through the painful and harsh times with him. I only want complete conquest over mankind and to fully defeat the evil one of mankind.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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