James 1:2-3 - Joy in Trials, Daily Bible Verse

Joy in Trials – James 1:2-3

Today’s bible verse James 1:2-3 is about having joy in trials. God tests our faith through trials, so we should accept trials with joy. However, once trials come upon us, we become negative, lose faith and even blame God.

John 16:12-13 - The Spirit of Truth Will Guide You Into All Truth, Daily Bible Verse

The Spirit of Truth Will Guide You Into All Truth – John 16:12-13

Today’s bible verse is John 16:12-13 (The Spirit of Truth Will Guide You Into All Truth). We can see clearly from the words of the Lord Jesus that He did not express all the truths and that He would tell us many truths when He came again, for we did not have the stature to bear them.

Matthew 25:6 - Ready For the Midnight Cry, Daily Bible Verse

Ready For the Midnight Cry – Matthew 25:6

Today’s bible verse Matthew 25:6 reminds that we should be ready for the midnight cry as wise virgins. When we hear someone spreads and testifies to the second coming of Jesus Christ, we should seek and investigate immediately and carefully listen to the utterances of the Lord.

Matthew 7:1 - Judge not, Daily Bible Verse

Judge Not – Matthew 7:1

Today’s bible verse: Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged’. The Lord Jesus’ words tell us that God hates man’s judgment. However, in our association with others, we often judge other people in spite of ourselves.

Genesis 2:15 - God Put Adam into the Garden of Eden, Daily Bible Verse

God Put Adam into the Garden of Eden – Genesis 2:15

Today’s bible verse is Genesis 2:15 (God Put Adam into the Garden of Eden). God expresses His love for man from the creation of the world. From the verse, we see that after God created Adam, He didn’t leave Adam alone, but put him into the garden of Eden properly.