Why Did God Command Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac?

It is recorded in the Bible, “And he said, Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and get you into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering on one of the […]

Believing In God And Following God To the End, Can We Be Saved?

If we believe in God with a true heart, keep attending meetings, read God’s word, perform duties actively and follow Almighty God to the end, can we be saved? The answer from God’s word: “People say that God is a […]

To Be Saved – Who Brings Us the Way of Eternal Life?

Question 2: The Bible is merely a record of the first two stages of God’s work. So if we only read the Bible, we cannot gain eternal life. The Bible can’t give eternal life. Of this, there is no doubt. […]

To Be Saved – How Could We Find the Way of Eternal Life?

Question 1: Now we learned about the true relationship between the Bible and God. The Bible is the Bible, God is God. They are different, and they can’t be thought of as the same. We should all hold God to […]

What Is the Relationship Between God and the Bible? – Bible Questions

Question 3: Did we not enter faith through the Bible? Do we not practice faith according to the Bible? We’ve not seen the Lord, so what do we base our faith on? Do we not base our faith on the […]

Bible Question – All About “Whether the Bible Is Inspired By God” Debate

Question 2: You say that the Bible is not entirely the word of God but also contains the word of man. I have a different interpretation. For thousands of years, the religious world has believed the Bible is the word […]

Are God’s Words and Work All in the Bible? – Belief in God

  Question 1: You say that the Lord Jesus has already arrived. He’s Almighty God and He’s doing the work of judgment. But we’ve always maintained that God’s words and work are contained in the Bible, and that they don’t […]

Do Man’s External Changes in Behavior Mean Disposition Changes?

Many believers in the Lord all think they are ones who please the Lord because they visit, sustain and help brothers and sisters all the time as well as donate frequently. Some think that they must be approved by the […]

The words of Almighty God contain judgment, chastisement, and disclosure, and they are indeed with majesty and wrath. But aren’t they lacking in mercy and lovingkindness?

The answer from God’s word: “Because My work is the work of conquest, and is aimed at your disobedience and old nature, the kind words of Jehovah and Jesus fall far short of the severe words of judgment today. Without […]

In the past, I have resisted and condemned the work of Almighty God so much and have even said words of blasphemy. Will God still save me?

The answer from God’s word: “During the time God is doing the work of salvation, He will do all He can to save all those who can be saved and will not cast off any one of them, because the […]