Gripping the Bands of Love in Despair

Before I got married to my husband, he caught a rare incurable sequela, severe sinus bradycardia, after a serious disease. As he grew older, his heartbeat grew ever slower. After marriage, his condition worsened increasingly, and he developed dizziness, widespread […]

Whom Do You Actually Believe in?

Liu Xiangming One day, two brothers, my wife, and I had a meeting at our home. We were watching a film of the Church of Almighty God, Rapture in Peril, on the computer. After we finished it, my wife was overwhelmed […]

Penetrating Satan’s Deceptions in Trials

Ji Ying I had never dreamed that I could meet the return of the Lord Jesus during my lifetime, which made me feel immeasurable joy. However, some time after I accepted God’s work of the last days, I was suddenly […]

Who Has Reconciled Me With My Mother-in-Law?

I am a young woman of the post-1980 generation. Because I’d been terribly spoiled since childhood and developed a lazy and selfish disposition, I often quarreled with my family over trivial matters after marriage, turning on the drama at home, […]

Step Onto the Right Path of Life

Since childhood, I had been influenced by the socially circulated viewpoints of “Making sack is the absolute principle” and “No pain, no gain.” I thought that as long as I worked hard and made a fortune, I would gain status in […]

Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Wu Ming One day on my return flight to America, I felt bored, so I opened the Bible to read. A lady next to me asked, “Are you a believer in the Lord?”I said, “Yes. All four generations of my family are […]

The Last Salvation

Su Jing In 1982, I began to believe in the Lord Jesus. I often heard the pastors preach, “‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new’ […]

What a Winding Path I Had Walked!

He Wen As a child of a cadre, I was raised carefully by my parents and lived a comfortable life. My mother told me that when I was very young, a fortune teller said that I would be blessed in the […]

How Should We Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus?

Nowadays, all the believers in the Lord are expecting the Lord Jesus’ second coming to bring man into the kingdom of heaven. Especially when people reading the scripture Acts 1:11, “Which also said, You men of Galilee, why stand you gazing up into […]

Going Through the Tunnels and Getting Warmed by the Sun

Lin Fang Like hundreds of millions of other Christians, I had been longing desperately for the Lord to come soon to take me to the kingdom of heaven and enjoy the blessings there. One day in November 2006, I finally heard the […]