Believing in God or Power?

Xiaocao My Puzzlement I had some understanding about faith in God after believing in the Lord Jesus. However, influenced by the social trends, I naturally formed this viewpoint: Before I gave an opinion about any matter or judged whether it […]

The CCP’s Lies and Killings Shaped the Tearful and Bloody History of the House Churches in China

Author Unknown In recent years, the CCP has persecuted the house churches in China horribly. Numerous crosses and churches have been forcibly demolished, and many pastors and preachers have been arrested and sentenced. Moreover, the CCP has spread many rumors […]

A New Commentary on Hidden Character Stone Displaying “Chinese Communist Party Perishes”

Qi Miao In June 2002, a mysterious stone was discovered in the Zhangbu river valley in Pingtang County of Guizhou Province in China. A crack that formed 500 years ago in the megalith revealed six neatly arrayed Chinese characters that […]

How to Embrace Your Flaws

Cao Jie Late at night, two pots, which were put in the corner by their master, started talking. The perfect pot laughed at the other pot, and said, “We came to the master’s house at the same time. Now I’m […]

For What Purpose Does the CCP Make Rumors Against the Church of Almighty God?

Li Zhen With regard to Almighty God and the Church of Almighty God, everyone all over the world knows Him and His Church. In 1991, the incarnate God appeared and began to work in Mainland China. Under the name of […]

A King With a Broken Finger

Here is a story: Once upon a time, there was a king in India who had a very smart chancellor. Whenever something serious happened in the country, the king would humbly consult the chancellor. However, no matter what the king […]

The Secret of Happy Life

Xiangyi An employed laborer, lately married, enjoyed a conjugal affection and had cute children. But he had to journey to and fro for supporting his family, feeling perplexed by the uncertainties of his life. A white-collar worker, middle-aged, lived an […]

A Symphony of My Fate

My family was very poor when I was young, and thus I set a goal in my heart: I can’t live in this way for my whole life, and I must rise above others when I grow up. So I […]

Reflection on a Picture: Is It Right to Look at Matters Only Externally?

Chenxi In the picture, one rabbit thinks he has gotten a big carrot since its leaves appear large on the outside and thus is gleeful, while the other rabbit feels pain as he supposes his carrot very small, judging from […]

Experience of a 19-Year-Old Girl—Founding the Way to Be Free From Sin

Maru    the Philippines I am Maru from the Philippines and my whole family are all Christians. I began to believe in the Lord from childhood and used to go to church to listen to messages regularly every week. The […]