Standing Fast in the Wind

Zhang Li In 1996, I believed in the Lord Jesus because of illness. Afterward I was healed of my illness unknowingly, so I had greater faith. In order to repay the Lord’s love, I preached the gospel actively. When the […]

Right Here All Denominations and Sects Are United as One

Yang Yang As a child, on my way to school, I often saw a sickly elder sister shuffle to an aunt’s house near our school. I heard from the adults that she and that aunt were both believers of the […]

A Blade of Grass That Grows Among Thorns

Yixin    Singapore Editors’ note: Yixin, a kind and caring beautician, came to Singapore from China. Under the Lord’s protection, she had a secure job and led a happy and steady life. Later, she heard the news about the Lord’s […]

The Spiritual Journey of Seeking the Source of Living Water

Lynn    Philippines I was born and raised in a clan steeped in the Catholic tradition. My siblings and I were educated in Catholic institutions. The priests, nuns, and my mother taught us to say the rosary and pray to […]

Crying Out to God in Distress

Xie En One evening in early August of 2016, my husband and I had just finished supper, when suddenly the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed outside, and then it started to rain cats and dogs. I went out of […]

The Domestic War Caused by the Rumor Storm

Yitan    Malaysia When I was nine, my mother took me to believe in the Lord Jesus because of my illness. Before long, I was cured. At the age of twelve, I was baptized into the Lord. When eighteen, I […]

God’s Words Rescued Me From Satan’s Sieges

Bai Xue One day in April, 1999, an elderly sister of our local Three-Self church brought two young brothers to my house, and they preached God’s work of the last days to me, who was thirsty and hungry in the […]

Who Rules Over My Fate?

Wu Ming When I was nine years old, my father died of illness. Thereafter, my mother had to work outside the home to feed three of us siblings. As she was often bullied and oppressed by others, she usually vented […]

Walk Out of the Wilderness and Enter the Good Land of Canaan

Jedidiah Villan    Philippines In 1985, I was hired by an employment agency in Hong Kong. Soon after I began working, I met a lady, who introduced me to the International Christian Life Center in Hong Kong. It was the […]

I Have Seen Clearly the Truth

Wu Xia That year, I escaped from the hand of the evil one. What’s more, it is the most crucial and most memorable turning point in my life. My blind eyes are enlightened by the light. I feel immeasurably excited […]