God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III – Part One

These several fellowships have touched everyone greatly. Not until now have people truly felt God’s real existence and felt that God is really very near to man. Although people have believed in God for many years, they have never truly […]

London Fire: Twelve People Confirmed Dead

By 17:00 BST Wednesday, 12 people have been confirmed killed in a huge fire that has engulfed Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey residential block near Notting Hill in west London, and 18 people are in critical care after 79 injured were […]

Who Can Help Us Mankind Truly?

Xiangyang For days, continued strong winds and heavy rains have hit Sri Lanka’s central and southern regions, including Hambantota and Matara. The floods and landslides following torrential rains have killed 212 people with 79 others missing, and over 700,000 people […]

God’s Word “You Should Know How the Whole of Humanity Has Developed to the Present Day (Part Two)”

Almighty God says, “All of His work is the most actual work. He carries out His work according to the development of the times, and He carries out His most actual work according to the changes of things. For Him, […]

Sri Lanka Floods and Mudslides Continue: Warnings Sounded by the Worsening Catastrophe

Lately, the flooding and mudslides triggered by monsoon rains in the south and west of Sri Lanka have drawn continuing international attention. As of June 3, the exact number of deaths has risen to 211, while 72 people were injured […]

What Warnings Do the Disasters Give Us?

Zheng Yi On April 10, bomb blasts struck two Coptic churches in northern Egypt, killing at least 44 people and injuring more than 100 others. On May 27, 10 masked gunmen stormed a bus transporting Coptic Christians to a monastery […]

Believers in God Should Prepare for Their Destination With Sufficient Good Deeds

Relevant Words of God: My mercy is for those who love Me and deny themselves. And the punishment brought upon the wicked is proof of My righteous disposition and much more, testimony to My wrath. When disaster comes, famine and […]

In Believing in God, You Should Establish a Normal Relationship With God

Relevant Words of God: In your faith in God, at the very least you should make sure you have a normal relationship with God. Without a normal relationship with God, you lose the meaning of your belief in God. Establishing […]

Almighty God’s Word “The Twenty-fourth Utterance in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

The Twenty-fourth Utterance My chastisement comes upon all people, yet it also remains distant from all people. Each life of every person is filled with love and hate towards Me, and no one has ever known Me—and so man’s attitude […]

God’s Word-You Should Know That the Practical God Is God Himself

Almighty God says, “God’s appearance in the flesh means that all of the work and words of the Spirit of God are done through His normal humanity, and through His incarnate flesh. In other words, God’s Spirit both directs His […]