God's Wrath and Justice - Genesis 19:24-25

Today’s Verse

Then Jehovah rained on Sodom and on Gomorrah brimstone and fire from Jehovah out of heaven; And He overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew on the ground.

Thoughts on Today's Bible Verse:

God’s destruction of Sodom recorded in Genesis 19:24-25 reveals God’s righteousness and majesty. Sodom was a city full of feasting and revelry with music and dancing night after night. The people of Sodom lived in evil lusts, promiscuity and corruption, unable to free themselves. No one sought the true way, no one yearned for the light, and, moreover, no one was willing to walk out of the mire of sin. What’s even worse, when they learned of two messengers’ coming to Lot’s house, they surrounded Lot’s house and wanted to catch and harm the two messengers. Apparently, they were so evil. Furthermore, it exposed their essence of being hostile to God.

God says, “This humanity had become corrupt in the extreme. These people did not know who God was or where they themselves had come from. If you mentioned God to them, they would attack, slander, and blaspheme. Even when God’s servants had come to spread His warning, these corrupt people not only showed no signs of repentance and did not abandon their wicked conduct, but on the contrary, they brazenly harmed God’s servants. What they expressed and revealed was their nature and essence of extreme hostility toward God. We can see that these corrupt people’s resistance against God was more than a revelation of their corrupt disposition, just as it was more than an instance of slandering or mocking which simply stemmed from a lack of understanding of the truth. Neither stupidity nor ignorance caused their wicked conduct; they acted in this way not because they had been deceived, and it was certainly not because they had been misled. Their conduct had reached the level of flagrantly brazen antagonism, opposition and clamoring against God. Without a doubt, this kind of human behavior would enrage God, and it would enrage His disposition—a disposition that must not be offended. Therefore, God directly and openly unleashed His wrath and His majesty; this was a true revelation of His righteous disposition.

God hates evil. The people of Sodom had been at the very height of wickedness. Therefore, God was determined to destroy them. This is the manifestation of God’s righteous disposition. Here we’d like to share with you another passage of God’s words that can help us know more about God, “God sends forth His wrath because unjust, negative and evil things obstruct, disturb or destroy the normal activity and development of just and positive things. The goal of God’s anger is not to safeguard His own status and identity, but to safeguard the existence of just, positive, beautiful and good things, to safeguard the laws and order of humanity’s normal survival. This is the root cause of God’s wrath.

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