Seeking Humbly, I Understand the Difference Between Christ and Man

But I was not quite clear on what the pastor said: “Belief in Almighty God is belief in a human.” Then, I continued to ask the sister, and she read me some more of God’s words: “The incarnate God is called Christ, and Christ is the flesh donned by the Spirit of God. This flesh is unlike any man that is of the flesh. This difference is because Christ is not of flesh and blood but is the incarnation of the Spirit. He has both a normal humanity and a complete divinity. His divinity is not possessed by any man. His normal humanity sustains all His normal activities in the flesh, while His divinity carries out the work of God Himself” “Because He is a man with the essence of God, He is above any of created humans, above any man who can perform God’s work. And so, among all those with a human shell like His, among all those who possess humanity, only He is the incarnate God Himself—all others are created humans. Though they all have humanity, created humans are nothing but human, while God incarnate is different: In His flesh He not only has humanity but more importantly has divinity. … Since God becomes flesh, His essence is a combination of humanity and divinity. This combination is called God Himself, God Himself on earth” “The flesh worn by the Spirit of God is God’s own flesh. The Spirit of God is supreme; He is almighty, holy, and righteous. So likewise, His flesh is also supreme, almighty, holy, and righteous. … despite the fact that man and Christ dwell within the same space, it is only man who is dominated, used, and entrapped by Satan. By contrast, Christ is eternally impervious to Satan’s corruption, because Satan will never be capable of ascending to the place of the most high, and will never be able to draw near to God.

The sister told me: “The incarnate God has an ordinary and normal appearance but He has a complete divinity. That is to say, the incarnate Christ possesses God’s inherent disposition and substance, including God’s holiness and righteousness, almightiness and wisdom, authority and power, and all that God has and is, and so on. From His appearance alone, Christ is just an ordinary and normal person, but there are substantive differences between Him and all created men. Created man has only humanity, without the slightest trace of divine substance; Christ, however, not only has normal humanity, more importantly, He has complete divinity and God’s substance. Therefore, He can express all truths in God’s identity, express God’s disposition and all that God has and is, and bring the truth, the way and the life to man. None of created men is capable of such feats. Because Christ has complete divinity, He can directly express God’s word, not just convey God’s word. He can express truth anytime and anywhere to supply, water, shepherd and guide all mankind; because Christ has complete divinity, and possesses the identity and substance of God, we can say that the Lord Jesus and Almighty God are God’s incarnation and practical God Himself. Just as the Lord Jesus seemed no different from other ordinary people on the outside, but what He said were full of authority and power. Just as the signs and wonders He performed—feeding five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish, calming the wind and sea and resurrecting Lazarus—were unable to be done by ordinary people. From God’s work, we can see that the Lord Jesus isn’t an ordinary man but God himself. So, we should know God from His words and work, and can’t know Him just by looking at His physical appearance. The Pharisees only looked at the Lord Jesus’ appearance, saying, ‘Is that not a Nazarene, the son of a carpenter?’ This is because the Lord Jesus’ flesh was too ordinary and normal, which flew in the face of all of man’s conceptions and imaginations. The Pharisees didn’t know the Lord Jesus’ divine substance, so they fanatically condemned the Lord Jesus’ words and work, and even crucified Him at last, committing a heinous crime. Nowadays, confronted with Almighty God’s work of judgment in the last days, religious pastors and elders not only don’t search or investigate but also condemn and blaspheme the work of Almighty God. Don’t they treat Almighty God as an ordinary man? Are their actions any different from the Pharisees before?”

When I heard it, I thought what the sister communed was very clear and understandable. I said: “There is no difference. The pastors and elders judge and condemn Almighty God’s work in the last days without searching and investigating. They are resisting God! If we believe the words of the pastors and elders and don’t search or investigate the work of Almighty God like them, then we lack good judgment and also are resisting God. The words expressed by Almighty God indeed have authority and power. No man can speak these words. If God had not said these, then who would have been able to express these truths? I almost believed what my pastor and elder said and falsely thought that believing in Almighty God is believing in a human. I am too foolish.” The sister said happily: “So, you should carefully seek Almighty God’s work in the last days so as not to miss the chance to meet the Lord.” I nodded gravely.

Hearing God’s Voice and Welcoming the Lord’s Appearance

The sister continued reading me another passage of God’s words: “‘He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’ Have you now heard the words of the Holy Spirit? The words of God have come upon you. Do you hear them? God does the work of the word in the last days, and such words are that of the Holy Spirit, for God is the Holy Spirit and can also become flesh; therefore, the words of the Holy Spirit, as spoken of in the past, are the words of the incarnate God today. There are many absurd men who believe that the words of the Holy Spirit ought to come down from the heavens to the ears of man. Any who thinks this way does not know the work of God. In truth, the utterances spoken by the Holy Spirit are those spoken by God become flesh. The Holy Spirit cannot speak directly to man, and Jehovah did not speak directly to the people, even in the Age of Law. Would it not be far less likely that He would do so in this age today? For God to speak utterances to carry out work, He must become flesh, else His work cannot accomplish His goal. Those who deny God become flesh are those who do not know the Spirit or the principles by which God works.” She started fellowshiping, “God’s sheep hear God’s voice. Only those who humbly seek can recognize God’s voice and behold His appearance from the words expressed by Him. Thus they closely follow God’s footsteps and gain God’s salvation in the end.”

After listening to the sister’s fellowship, I understood that to seek the true way, we must hear God’s voice according to Almighty God’s word. Only in this way can we welcome the appearance of God. I pondered God’s words: That’s right. God’s revelation is in His words. If we don’t get to know the word of Almighty God, then how can we receive God’s revelation? I also thought: If the Lord Jesus came upon a white cloud, all people would have accepted Him. Then, how could we discern that who are the wheat or the tares? Therefore, the returned Lord must become flesh and arrive secretly, and only in this way can we see through the true believers and false believers. God’s work is too wise! Besides, I also was able to distinguish, and saw clearly the pastors and elders’ essential nature of serving God but resisting God. To save their positions and livelihoods, they wantonly condemn the work of Almighty God, even spread rumors everywhere to deceive believers and block believers from seeking and examining the work of Almighty God in the last days. They walk the path of the Pharisees, and are the antichrists, who resist God. I no longer believed the rumors from the internet and religious pastors and elders.

If it weren’t for God’s guidance and protection, I would almost have missed the opportunity to welcome the Lord. If it weren’t for all aspects of the truth expressed by God incarnate, I would have never heard His voice and witnessed His appearance. It is absolutely necessary that Almighty God incarnate does the work of saving man. Thinking about it now, it is really God’s great love and grace. Later, the brothers and sisters fellowshiped with me about some truths concerning the three stages of God’s work, God’s name and the truth of the Bible, and so on. After over a month of search and investigation, I confirmed that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Additionally, I understood that if we want to free from sin, we must accept God’s work of judgment in the last days, and only in this way can we be purified thoroughly and enter the kingdom of heaven.


Receiving God’s Salvation, I Lived Out the Likeness of a Christian

Then, I put God’s words into practice. Once, my classmate called me by my nickname. And in return, I called him by his nickname, thinking it was funny. My classmates already hated and ignored me gradually for I often called them by their nicknames. I didn’t know what to do, feeling very distressed. After that, I read these words of the fellowship and sermons from the above, “I don’t oppose playing jokes, but it is not acceptable to play the impious and dirty jokes. Speaking in a humorous manner and making people laugh heartily is most acceptable. But you’d better not play the dirty jokes that are disgusting and sickening. I see many people live out little the likeness of man. Although we human all have shortcomings, we should not be loose but be polite and respectful to others at least, which is acceptable and beneficial to others. In this way, we won’t shame God’s name and our performing duties will show results.” I thought about my giving nicknames to my classmates. On the surface, I was playing jokes. However, the fact was that I built my joy on their pain, making me have an abnormal relationship with them. That was little the likeness of a Christian, and was not beloved of God. From now on, I should live out a normal humanity and learn to respect others. Afterward, when my classmate called me by my nickname again, I calmly said to him: “That you call people in such a way is not respectful to others, and will make others feel unhappy. Please don’t do this again.” After hearing what I said, he still kept on calling me by my nickname. I couldn’t bear that and wanted to scold him. But, when I was going to get angry with him, I prayed to God: “Oh God! I ask You to quiet my heart down so that I can practice the truth, live out a normal humanity and shame Satan instead of Your name in such an environment. I am willing to live out God’s requirement—loving others as you love yourself, and to stand testimony to satisfy You.” After that, I showed patience to my classmates and learned to respect them. Gradually, they no longer called me by my nickname. Besides, I apologized to my classmates who were given nicknames by me, and asked them not to call each other in that way. And all of them agreed. My relationship with my classmates became normal little by little.

At this time, I realized that experiencing God’s work is indeed able to change people. I found the path to freeing from sin, and had more faith to follow Almighty God. Thank Almighty God for His love and salvation for me. I’ve seen that God won’t mistreat any person but treat any person with justness and righteousness. So long as we seek and investigate with a heart that hunger and thirst for righteousness, God will surely appear to us and guide us to come before Him to gain the provision of life.

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